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Morgan Wallen’s Mullet: Here’s the Real Story Behind the Singer’s Iconic Hairstyle

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Call it cheesy, out of date, or just plain weak (looking at you, Blake Shelton), but Morgan Wallen‘s mullet is here to stay for the foreseeable future. It’s as much of his identity now as his music is; we know him by his mullet, and we know him by his voice.

He went from looking like the misunderstood love interest in a late 2000s high school movie to a full-blown trailer park boy. Paired with that mustache, he’s a ’90s country music dream. But what’s the story behind that eye-catching mullet? And will my hairdresser judge me if I show her his picture and say “give me Morgan’s Mullet”?

The Story Behind Morgan Wallen’s Mullet

Morgan’s Mullet actually has heartwarming roots; according to Wallen, he was looking through one of his parents’ photo albums when he came across their wedding photo. “[My dad] had a mullet during their wedding. I just said, ‘Dang, Dad, that looks kinda good — I think I might try it.’” Thus, the mullet was born.

“I get some hate for sure,” Wallen has said. “Somebody thought […] they said, ‘Look at Morgan Wallen up on stage with a mullet and a dip in!’ I did not have a dip in, okay?!”

Jokes aside, the mullet looks good. I’m a fan. Blake Shelton may think it’s “kind of a bob haircut,” according to a radio interview he did in 2020, but I dig it. It’s more of a contemporary look than a traditional mullet of, say, the ’80s or ’90s. It’s tight on the sides, shaved close to the head, with a great sweep of bangs off the forehead for that business in the front look and a long, flowing party in the back.

For a haircut that looks so effortless, it actually takes a lot of styling and upkeep. It needs to be particularly shaped and styled to get that signature silhouette. Whoever is doing Morgan Wallen’s hair is an expert, clearly; his mullet is modern, interesting, and looks somehow new for a haircut that’s been around for decades.

How the Mullet Completes the Look

Morgan Wallen has a particular sound that works so well with the mullet; he’s exceptionally twangy, like so many current country artists are nowadays. But, he’s from a tiny town in Tennessee with a population of around 1,500 so he has that accent to back it up; that’s just what he sounds like. It may be punched up in his music, but, essentially, he’s just a twangy guy.

Now, the mullet and the sleeveless flannel shirts work with his overall sound. I’ve spent the last hour listening to “Dangerous: The Double Album” and looking at pictures of Morgan Wallen’s mullet, and I have to say, he’s found a look that works. It’s instantly recognizable; you know you’re looking at Morgan Wallen before he even opens his mouth.

As people, sometimes we want something like that; an aesthetic. Whether it’s sleeveless flannel and a mullet, or John Dutton’s jackets from “Yellowstone,” or long prairie dresses and cowboy boots, sometimes a little style can go a long way for self-confidence. And Morgan Wallen has that in spades. You need it to rock a mullet like that every day, in my opinion.

A Brief History of the Mullet

Whether you call it a “Kentucky Waterfall” or are more of a “cut the sides, don’t touch the back” kind of person, a la the Beastie Boys, the mullet has made its way around the block. From prehistoric peoples finding the benefits of the practical cut, to ancient Greek and Roman figures sporting the look, to ’70s artists David Bowie, Rod Stewart, and Paul McCartney, the mullet – which wasn’t yet called a mullet – definitely made literal history.

Cue the 1980s. What was once an out-of-this-world look was the new normal. Patrick Swayze in “Dirty Dancing,” Kiefer Sutherland in “The Lost Boys,” and I can’t list ’80’s mullets without mentioning the godfather of the mullet, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Women rocked the mullet as well: Cher, Jane Fonda, Joan Jett. Now, you can find many more women with a mullet, or a shag. For example, Miley Cyrus took a page from her dad’s book. My mom even had a mullet in the ’80s. What goes around comes around, I guess.

While the mullet declined in the ’90s, now it’s having a moment again. Stylized mullets or shags, like Morgan Wallen’s or Miley Cyrus’, are all the rage. Overall, there’s so much more history surrounding the mullet, especially in the American South. For now, I’m going to go stare at myself in the mirror and contemplate getting a mullet.