Morgan Wallen’s New ‘Dangerous: The Double Album’ Features Incredible Chris Stapleton Collab

by Will Shepard

Morgan Wallen finally released his highly anticipated double album Dangerous on Friday, January 8. “Dangerous” is just one of the songs among a thirty song project with Chris Stapleton. The two superstars also combine to sing “Only Thing That’s Gone.”

On the Dangerous double album, “Only Thing That’s Gone” stands out on its own. The song is written by Wallen, Matt Dragstrem, Chase McGill, and Josh Thompson. However, Stapleton’s contribution to the song is amazing.

Even though the two join together to create the song, they were not actually in the same place singing it. Since then, Wallen has repeatedly said that he would love to work in the same place with Stapleton again.

In an interview about the song, Wallen says that working with Stapleton is a dream. He also says that the song’s origin is, in part, due to the country music star he collaborates with on the song.

“We sent him a couple of songs and said, ‘Hey man, we would love for you to be a part of this project. If any of these speak to you, let me know, and we’ll go from there.’ He came back and said, ‘Yeah, I really like this song.’ And I said, ‘Hey man, do whatever you want. Sing wherever you want whenever you want, and I’m sure we’ll agree with what your decisions are.’ So he came back and sang what he did, and we loved it.”

Morgan Wallen Collaborating With Diplo and Adoring Eric Church

Another collaboration on Dangerous is with Diplo. Morgan Wallen and Diplo combine on two songs, “Heartless” and “Cover Me Up.”

Wallen also shares how much he likes working with Eric Church. He says that he is a legend in country music and hasn’t missed a single thing that he’s done.

“I’m truly honored. I’m obviously a huge fan of Eric Church. I’ve spoken about it from the time. I’ve been in this industry and how much of a hero he is to me. So having him allow me to sing a song that he’s the writer on, it’s truly one of my favorite accomplishments that I’ve got so far. I love his style, his attitude, just the way he’s handled himself always really has resonated with me. And just from the time I heard the first song of his, I was immediately was drawn in and was connected. And you know, that doesn’t happen a lot with somebody.”

Wallen continues talking about Church, saying that he loves his work.

“He’s one of the artists that I truly would listen to everything he puts out. You know when sometimes the critics or the fans don’t always agree with what he’s doing. But I’ve always loved it. I’ve loved every single thing he’s done. So this means a lot to me.”

So, now that the double album is out, go stream it non-stop. Moreover, pay close attention to Wallen and Stapleton’s “Only Thing That’s Gone,” it really is an amazing collaboration.