Morgane and Chris Stapleton Take in Packed-Out Texas Crowd in Epic Photo from Tour

by Jonathan Howard

Country music power couple and real-life love story, Morgane and Chris Stapleton are on tour. Back on the road after a year of no live shows, the two seem happy to be on stage. Back in November of last year, Stapleton released his fourth studio album. Starting Over features 14 songs over 53 minutes.

So many artists are getting back on tour to share their new music and music released last year. Almost an entire year without live music has left fans and artists alike missing the stage. So, Chris Stapleton and his wife Morgane took the time to soak in the vibes from the crowd. Then, she shared a picture to Twitter to show the couple’s appreciation further.

While Morgane claps along with, or for, the fans in the crowd, Chris takes a photo standing like a proud dad. With a sold-out stadium in front of them, who can blame him? Over the years, the country music couple has made some amazing music, together and otherwise. Morgane is a singer-songwriter that has written and performed with Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler. The two met in her hometown, Nashville, Tennessee, and got married in 2007.

Since then, Chris Stapleton has become one of the best and most well-known country music artists out there. Justin Timberlake has called Stapleton a “genius” and Luke Bryan says that he is the “best singer on Earth.” That’s high praise from two great artists. It sure seems that he is on a one-way path to success and it isn’t likely anything can stop that. Not bad for a guy from Johnson County, Kentucky.

Chris Stapleton Can Do Everything

While Chris Stapleton has shown his prowess as a singer-songwriter in country music, there isn’t much he can’t do. Recently, he cut a cover of Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters for the 30th anniversary of the Black Album. It is a truly insane cover and something only he would be able to do.

Of course, with his prior work with Justin Timberlake, he has shown his range and versatility. Throughout his career, his voice and soulful sounds have made him a favorite of fans and artists alike. There are tons of instances of Stapleton working with a multitude of artists and his record speaks for itself. Being married to a songwriter and performer like Morgane can only inspire his creativity and music. Which, Stapleton has been very open about in the past.

Of course, the story of how Morgane and Chris Stapleton ended up together is something out of a storybook. After moving to Nashville, Chris found himself working at a publishing company and would occasionally work with Morgane and others.

They would play music together, share songs and hang out in between their regular songwriting jobs. Since then, the two have written music, performed, and duh, started a family. Rarely are the two ever apart, they are each other’s top collaborators and love to perform together. Catch them out on the road as they tour around the country.