Nashville-Based Alt-Rockers Colony House Release New Single ‘Cannonballers’

by Lauren Boisvert

If you’ve never heard of Colony House, I’d like to formally introduce you to the delightfully sticky earworm “Cannonballers.” This new single dropped last night, September 14, with SiriusXM Alt Nation Advanced Placement. Since then I’ve had it on repeat all day. If you want to be transported to a muscle car screaming along a desert road with all the windows down, take a listen here. Additionally, the music video for “Cannonballers” premieres tonight at 7 pm ET right here.

“Cannonballers” features a guitar riff reminiscent of a Tarantino film but better. It’s got a little Beach Boys, a little “Miserlou,” and a whole lot of straight-up vibes. It reminds me of driving my mom’s huge ’98 Infiniti to school, blasting 3OH!3 until the speakers blew out. Essentially, I wish I had this song in high school.

Colony House Frontman Talks Inspiration for ‘Cannonballers’

“When I stumbled upon the guitar riff that drives the song it kinda felt like a rollercoaster ride, so I began to form the lyric around the first rollercoaster I remember riding as a kid, the Wabash Cannonball at Opryland USA Themepark,” said frontman Caleb Chapman. “The song’s meaning is multifaceted and alludes to the pace of life we all seem to be living at these days… fast. ‘Cannonballers’ is a short ride with a couple twists and turns, but hopefully by the time it ends, whoever is listening will want to hop back in line for another go.”

I’m definitely in line for another go at “Cannonballers.” This is the kind of song you can listen to on repeat for hours and not get sick of it. It’s endlessly listenable, nostalgic for something I’ve never experienced. “Cannonballers” is a set of keys with a rabbit foot keychain. It’s a bonfire on the beach. It’s an eight-ball gear shift and it’s the highest point on an old wooden rollercoaster as the sun sets. Colony House has created something delightfully alt in this song. It’s a throwback and a look to the future of alternative in one track. I’m sufficiently hooked, and can’t wait to see what else the band is cooking up.

Who is Colony House?

The band began in their hometown of Franklin, Tennessee. It consists of Caleb Chapman on lead vocals and guitar with his younger brother Will Chapman on drums. Scott Mills is on guitar and backing vocals, and Parke Cottrell is on bass and keyboard. They were inspired by U2 and Cold War Kids, and produce a unique alt-rock sound that’s equally accessible and complex.

They released their debut album When I Was Younger in 2014, which was highly praised. Their second album, Only the Lonely came in 2017, with their most recent release, Leave What’s Lost Behind dropping in 2019. They had to postpone their tour in 2020 due to the pandemic but held two socially distanced drive-up concerts in Franklin, Tennessee.

Additionally, they released a live album, several music videos, the EP Rotten Tomatoes, and a multi-part concert film titled “Everybody is Looking For Some Light” in 2021.