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Nashville ‘Big Bash’: Watch Dierks Bentley Perform on New Year’s Eve

by Jacklyn Krol
Jason Davis, Getty Images

Dierks Bentley brought the house down at the Nashville Big Bash New Year’s Eve special.

The country crooner performed his hit Elle King duet, “Different For Girls”. King was scheduled to perform but had to bow out due to unnamed COVID-19 restrictions. However, Bentley’s daughter Evie stepped up to perform with him and sing King’s verses.

The crowd went WILD! A packed audience at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville, Tennessee couldn’t get enough of it.

Watch a clip of Dierks Bentley and Evie’s performance, below.

Dierks Bentley on NYE and 2022 Resolution

Dierks Bentley admitted that he hasn’t performed on a New Year’s Eve special in quite some time. This was due to the fact that he wanted to watch the ball drop with his kids in New York. They also went to Colorado where a pair of skis dropped instead of the iconic ball.

“But I just kind of enjoy being off and just doing all that,” he explained to his record label. “But when I found out that this big CBS special is happening in my adopted hometown of Nashville where I’ve lived for almost 30 years, I really wanted to be a part of it.”

Bentley believes that this televised program is “a special moment for the city” and country music as a whole.

“I love our town and I love country music, and I watch the stuff out of New York and some of the other networks that do New Year’s Eve Countdowns,” he added. “And there’s no reason why Nashville shouldn’t. Why Country Music shouldn’t be the No. 1 thing everyone’s watching on New Year’s Eve. We have all the artists and they’re all great to work with and they’re just gonna put on great performances and I think it’ll be a big moment for the city and a big moment for Country Music. So, I asked the powers that be if I could be a part of it, and they said yes.”

Bentley hopes that this program will show off the incredible city and talent, which it certainly accomplished.

As for resolutions, Bentley is readjusting to normal life, which includes touring and the return to Nashville. His outlook is more simplistic and just a hope for the future.

“Just enjoying every day and enjoying every show and getting a chance to make a record right now. It kind of feels like starting all over again because of what we’ve been through the last two years. So, no, I’m just looking for another great year and again, it’s a lot of gratitude for what I get to do moreso than ever just because 2020,” he concluded.