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Neil Diamond Makes Surprise Appearance to Sing ‘Sweet Caroline’ Amid Parkinson’s Battle: WATCH

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Bruce Glikas/WireImage)

A heartwarming new video shows iconic singer Neil Diamond performing his legendary hit Sweet Caroline in a surprise appearance.

Sweet Caroline is a piece of music history. A song fans of all ages and lifestyles know well for one reason or another. It’s a music favorite at bars across the country, at weddings or graduations, and at plenty of sporting events from coast to coast. It’s a song that we are so excited to know Diamond is performing from time to time. Especially since the 81-year-old singer announced he was stepping away from the business and performing after a devastating Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Neil Diamond Surprises Fans At A Beautiful Noise Premiere With Rousing Sweet Caroline Performance

The longtime musician and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer stepped onto broadway Tuesday night, December 6. Putting on a welcomed performance to surprise fans at the debut of the new Neil Diamond musical.

“Theatergoers got a special surprise last night,” notes a recent Twitter post featuring a video of the heartwarming surprise performance.

“[When] Neil Diamond himself led the cast and audience of “A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical”,” the post continues. “in a sing-along of “Sweet Caroline.”

Neil Diamond hasn’t performed a moment such as this one for a few years now. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2018. When this diagnosis hit, the singer was in the latter part of his 50th Anniversary tour.

However, Neil Diamond did make another appearance earlier this year when he popped into Fenway Park to serenade baseball fans with the very same iconic classic.

This rare live performance came during the second game of the Red Sox’s three-game series against the St. Loius Cardinals. In a post shared on the  Fox Sports: MLB Twitter page, we see the singer dressed in a Red Sox letterman jacket singing along with a crowd of excited fans.

“So Good, So Good!” The 1969 Classic Is A Constant At Fenway Park

As any Red Sox fan knows well, Sweet Caroline has been a major part of any home game for decades now. The Boston-based baseball team plays the tune regularly during the eighth inning of every home game. Since then, many other sports teams from high school, to college, to professional have picked up similar traditions. It’s never uncommon to hear a sports crowd excitedly “ba-ba-ba-ing” along with the hit as many of their favorite teams take the field.

This brand new Broadway musical A Beautiful Noise is based on Neil Diamond’s experiences as he faces physical and psychological challenges and changes. The play is based on the singer’s private therapy sessions over the last few years where he tries to decipher what the next chapter of life will look like.