New Woody Guthrie Tribute Album to Feature Evan Felker, Nikki Lane, and More

by Clayton Edwards

Woody Guthrie was one of the most important folk musicians in American history. He penned hundreds of country, folk, protest, and children’s songs over the course of his career. His ideology and songwriting went on to inspire generations of artists including Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Joe Strummer, The Grateful Dead, and countless others.

Woody Guthrie died in October of 1967 and left behind a massive musical legacy. His impact is such that many of us grew up singing a Guthrie song and didn’t even know it. He penned “This Land Is Your Land” in 1940 and it remains one of the most famous folk songs in America. More than that, Guthrie’s legacy has the power to bring artists of different genres together to pay tribute to him.

“This Land Is Your Land”

This September, Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys will release This Machine Still Kills Fascists. The Woody Guthrie tribute record will contain guest performances from Nikki Lane, Jaime Wyatt, and Turnpike Troubadours frontman Evan Felker, according to Saving Country Music.

The Boston-based punk band traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma to record the album in Leon Russell’s studio The Church. About this, Dropkick Murphys co-founder and frontman Ken Casey said, “We wanted to get into small-town America. Tulsa. Into Woody’s roots and not be doing it in New York City or Boston.” Guthrie was born and raised in Okemah, Oklahoma and the Woody Guthrie Center is in Tulsa. So, it was a fitting location to tap into the spirit of the folk legend.

Woody Guthrie Was “the Original Punk”

When discussing why Dropkick Murphys wanted to record This Machine Still Kills Fascists, Ken Casey said that he was inspired by Guthrie. “Woody Guthrie, he’s the original punk,” Casey said. “He went against the grain, he fought the good fight, he spoke and sang about his beliefs. I’m motivated by reading what he wrote and am inspired by his courage. One man and a guitar. It’s powerful stuff.”

This won’t be the first time that Dropkick Murphys tap into Guthrie’s catalog. In the trailer for This Machine Still Kills Fascists, the guys in the band explain that they’ve had a working relationship with Woody’s daughter Nora for more than two decades. They used Woody Guthrie’s lyrics to create some of their most memorable tunes. Guthrie penned “Gonna Be a Blackout Tonight” from Blackout and “Shipping Up to Boston” from Warrior’s Code and the soundtrack from The Departed.

This Machine Still Kills Fascists Tracklist and Pre-Order Info

This Machine Still Kills Fascists will drop on September 30th. You can pre-order your copy of the album now. The band will release the first single, “Two 6s Upside Down” on July 6th.

 Additionally, the band recorded enough songs to press two full Woody Guthrie tribute records. The band will release the second installment sometime next year.

Nora Guthrie dug into her father’s recorded songs and written lyrics to compile the tracklist for this album. About her selections, she said, “I collected lyrics on all kinds of topics. Lyrics that seemed to be needed to be said – or screamed – today. Ken Casey is a master of understanding Woody’s lyrics, which can be complicated, long, deadly serious, or totally ridiculous.”


  1. Two 6’s Upside Down
  2. Talking Jukebox
  3. All You Fonies
  4. Never Git Drunk No More (featuring Nikki Lane)
  5. Ten Times More
  6. The Last One (featuring Evan Felker of Turnpike Troubadours)
  7. Cadillac, Cadillac
  8. Waters Are A’risin
  9. Where Trouble Is At
  10. Dig A Hole (featuring Woody Guthrie)