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Noah, Miley Cyrus Release First-Ever Duet: ‘I GOT SO HIGH THAT I SAW JESUS’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Sisters Noah and Miley Cyrus are releasing their first recorded duet together, and it’s far more ballad-like than you may be expecting.

What a title. Famous Cyrus sisters Noah and Miley are finally recording together – albeit a one-off for now. Releasing with Noah singing lead melody is “I GOT SO HIGH THAT I SAW JESUS.”

Noah took to Twitter yesterday to share how excited she is for the duet.

“I GOT SO HIGH THAT I SAW JESUS FT. @MileyCyrus out now everywhere!!!! no one knows how excited we are to be releasing something together for the very first time. thank u sissy for singing with me and as always making it sound effortlessly beautiful.”

Older sister Miley, however, has yet to share the song to her own account.

Within, the recording immediately hits with an unexpected tone. It’s not decidedly country in sound, just lyrics. The rest is wrapped in an acoustic, ballad-like vibe that harkens back to 90s soft hits.

If it feels tame – and tame feels out of place – that may be because Noah has been following in her sister’s footsteps. The younger Cyrus singer made headlines for her… revealing CMT outfit choice. The two have both made habit of unique stylistic choices – and headline-grabbing garb.

Noah Cyrus wore almost nothing during her 2020 CMT Awards performance – and the internet cannot figure out how they feel about it.

During the unique awards show, 20-year-old Noah Cyrus sang “This Is Us” with Jimmie Allen. The outfit chosen for her moment in the CMT spotlight? A see-thru sheer bodysuit, with enough bedazzled adornments to cover… a bit.

Sporting thigh-high white boots, long gloves, and cowboy hat, however, is more than Miley wore in her infamous “Wrecking Ball” video. So Noah may have to push the envelope even further.

Regardless, it looks like these two are in it to win it as sisters.

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