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Old Dominion Member Brad Tursi Reveals He Once Got Coal in Christmas Stocking

by Jacklyn Krol
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Old Dominion revealed what Christmas gifts they received as children.

What Old Dominion Had to Say

The band spoke about their favorite Christmas memories as they were growing up. Some of them didn’t get the best gifts from Santa Clause.

“My most vivid memory of Christmas was when my parents thought it was funny to put coal in my stocking,” guitarist Brad Tursi laughed. “You know we always did the stockings first. So I open the stocking and I got a bunch of lumps of coal. But then in the next room I had presents- skis- I think I got skis that year.  Thanks Mom and Dad.”

“One of my vivid Christmas memories was just walking out and seeing a big red wagon with a big E.T.,” lead singer Matthew Ramsey shared. “It was magical for sure.” His band members echoed his statement and said how “classic” that gift and memory was.

“Christmas was always my favorite holiday,” guitarist and keyboardist Trevor Rosen said. “Our tradition we would go to each grandmother’s house. But I just remember showing up there and I can still picture the exact feeling of walking in the front door and her taking our coats down the hall and the fire going and she’d have her record player playing with, you know, Bing Crosby in the background and I can still feel that feeling.”

Favorite Christmas Movie

Christmas Vacation is the must-watch movie for me,” Ramsey said. “Holiday season or not, that’s one of my favorite movies period.”

“Mine has become Elf. Especially now that I have got a little kid to watch it with,” bassist Geoff Sprung revealed. “That’s mine.”
“I’d say It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story. The two that I always end up seeming to have my eyeballs on,” Tursi concluded.