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On This Day: Keith Urban Debuts ‘Sweet Thing’ Music Video on MySpace in 2009

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: John Shearer/Getty Images

This country throwback’s sure to make millennials feel nostalgic. On this day, Keith Urban debuted “Sweet Thing” on social media platform MySpace. The country singer released the tune on Jan. 16, 2009.

Perhaps, Urban was ahead of the curve. After all, so many artists these days promote their songs on social media these days, taking an internet approach first. But MySpace hasn’t been popular among internet users since, well, 2009. A predecessor to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, MySpace became the go-to site for its many young users. But soon lost its appeal.

“It’s a great thing to be able to shoot, edit and get a video out there as quickly as you can these days,” Urban said at the time. “The internet and MySpace, in this case, gets the music to the fans fast and I love that.”

Keith Urban’s Ride Inspired the Song

As for what inspired the song, fans can thank Urban’s wife and actress Nicole Kidman. Urban and songwriter Monty Powell was having a songwriting session. But the two experienced difficulties coming up with a tune.

“We spent the morning working on a song that, frankly, really wasn’t great,” Powell told The Boot. The two experienced writer’s block. “We really tried hard to have a breakthrough on it, and it wasn’t happening. We were both kinda tired and grumpy, and we were hungry, so we just said, ‘Let’s go get some lunch.”

Both Powell and Urban went to lunch in Urban’s 1969 Mustang. The car had been a gift to Urban from his wife. The songwriter became inspired by the car, creating lyrics about Urban and his first date with Kidman. The car became key in figuring out the song they were going to write.

“I have a ’69 Mustang. I drove it to a writing session with Monty Powell that day,” Urban said, according to Song Facts. “This song came very quickly: about early romance and courting. ‘Courting’ is such a beautiful term. It keeps everything vibrant and full of life. Monty had this great lyric. And we got to the last verse, where we needed a car reference. So he wrote that bit about the Mustang because my car was sitting in his driveway.”