On This Day: Alan Jackson Soars to the Tops of the Charts with ‘I Don’t Even Know Your Name’ in 1995

by Keeli Parkey

Twenty-six years ago today, country music star Alan Jackson had yet another of his tracks reach the top of the charts. This hit was the song, “I Don’t Even Know Your Name.” It topped the charts on Aug. 5, 1995.

According to The Boot, this country music hit was the 11th No. 1 song of Jackson’s career. Also here’s something you might not know about “I Don’t Even Know Your Name” – it almost didn’t appear on the singer’s “Who I Am” album. That album reached multi-platinum status.

“I Don’t Even Know Your Name” was written by Alan Jackson, Ron Jackson, and Andy Lofton. It was not created as a serious song. Instead, it was composed to provide humor for Alan Jackson’s family. And, the country music superstar never planned to record the song.

When you look at some of the lyrics of the song, you might be able to see why. For example, some of the lyrics are: “I’m in love with you baby, I don’t even know your name / I’ve never been too good with all those sexual games / So maybe it’s just better if we leave it this way / I’m in love with you, baby, and I don’t even know your name.”

However in 1993, two years before Alan Jackson officially released “I Don’t Even Know Your Name,” he decided the song was worth including on his “Who I Am” album. A figure in helping bring the track to the public was a brother-in-law of Jackson. This track was the last single released from that album. Including “I Don’t Even Know Your Name,” Alan Jackson released five singles from this mid-1990s album.

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy Appears in Music Video for Alan Jackson’s No. 1 Hit ‘I Don’t Even Know Your Name’

Interestingly, the popular comedian Jeff Foxworthy played a significant role in Alan Jackson’s music video for “I Don’t Even Know Your Name.”

Foxworthy appeared as a character who, while drunk, decides to get married to a waitress who doesn’t have one of her front teeth.

This Alan Jackson song also kicked another country music superstar out of the top spot in the charts. That star is Shania Twain. Her wildly popular song, “Any Man of Mine” was replaced at No. 1 in the charts by “I Don’t Even Know Your Name.” Twain’s song had been at the top of the charts for two weeks at the time Jackson’s song took over.

That’s to its chart-topping status, “I Don’t Even Know Your Name” was included on Alan Jackson’s “The Greatest Hits Collection.”

This compilation album was also released in 1995. This No. 1 also appeared on Jackson’s “Super Hits” album in 1999, as well as on his “16 Biggest Hits” album during 2007.

You can watch the music video for Alan Jackson’s No. 1 hit song “I Don’t Even Know Your Name” below.