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On This Day: Blake Shelton Officially Becomes Opry Member in 2010

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Royce DeGrie/Getty Images)

In a career full of momentous occasions, there is one moment that stands above the rest for Blake Shelton. Like many other country music stars, that moment for him is when he officially became a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

His induction into that revered country music institution took place 11 years ago today (Oct. 23, 2021), according to The Boot. It was his fellow country music star Trace Adkins who officially inducted Shelton into the Opry. And it was singer Jeannie Seely who introduced him. Both Adkins and Seely are members of the Opry.

When Blake Shelton learned that he would be inducted into the Opry, Shelton made it very clear just how much the honor meant to him.

“I know a lot of guys who want this as bad as I do…but forget about them. This moment, hands down, is the highlight of my career,” Shelton said. The first time he performed on the Opry stage was in 2001.

Blake Shelton Was Invited to Join the Grand Ole Opry Via Tweet

How Blake Shelton learned that he would become a member of the Grand Ole Opry is an interesting story.

Let’s flashback to Sept. 28, 2010. Shelton and Adkins were sharing the stage during a concert known as Country Comes Home. This concert was a celebration of the re-opening of the Grand Ole Opry. The beloved venue had closed because of the floods that struck Nashville in 2010.

After Shelton and Adkins finished singing their duet, “Hillbilly Bone,” Adkins took his phone out of his pocket. “Wait a minute, Blake. You are always on the Internet tweeting your fans; now, someone has sent you a message via Twitter.”

Adkins then showed his friend the message. It said: “Blake Shelton, you are invited to join the Grand Ole Opry! See you 10/23/10.”

As quickly as he could after he learned this exciting news, Shelton exited the building to let some very important people in his life know what had just happened and what awaited him. He was taking any chances that they wouldn’t be there for his special night on Oct. 23, 2010.

“After Trace Adkins invited me to join the Opry via Twitter on Sept. 28, I went out in the parking lot and called my parents and said, ‘I’m sending a bus for you, because it’s that important to me that you be here. Tonight is the pinnacle; tonight is the Nashville dream,” he shared the night he joined the Grand Ole Opry.

Unsurprisingly, Blake Shelton still reveres the beloved institution. “I get the same feeling when I come to the Opry as when I see one of my heroes. I’m in awe. To me, the Grand Ole Opry is an artist, and I’m really proud to be one of its songs,” he said.