On This Day: Brad Paisley Surprises Darius Rucker with an Invitation Into the Grand Ole Opry in 2012

by Taylor Cunningham

On this day in 2012, Darius Rucker was playing on the legendary Grand Ole Opry stage. Rucker thought he would just perform a concert and go home. But his good friend and fellow country artist Brad Paisley was sitting in the audience patiently waiting to ask a very important question.

Once the If I Told You artist wrapped up his set that night, he was asked to stick around for a short Q&A session. And, of course, Darius was happy to talk to his fans. After a few questions, the announcer said they had time for one more. And upon that announcement, Brad Paisley stood.

“Darius, my question is in two parts. You will have 30 seconds to respond,” Brad said over a roaring crowd. “The first question is, are you still the worst poker player in the world?”

Darius didn’t even need three seconds to answer that one. Before Brad finished uttering the sentence, his friend was already responding with, “Yes, I still lose money every time I play.” Apparently, the buddies have played the game fourteen times, and Darius has only won once. So if Darius Rucker ever challenges you to a game of cards, you should accept.

“The other question is, would you like to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry?”

When Brad asked that question, the crowd erupted in screams. Darius was shocked, and he struggled to find his words. “No, really? Tonight?” he finally managed to ask. At this point, everyone was giving Darius a standing ovation.

“You haven’t answered,” Brad yelled with a smile. “Yes, I would!” Darius replied.

With that, Brad walked up to the stage and gave his friend a long hug while the announcer said, “Ladies and gentleman, Opry history at the invite of Brad Paisley who surprised him tonight. Darius Rucker, October 16th, becomes the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

“Welcome home,” Brad said to a tearful Darius.

Darius Rucker is Headlining for Grand Ole Opry’s 5000th Saturday Night Show

Nine years after being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, Darius Rucker has been asked to return to the stage and join a list of headliners for the Opry’s 5000th Saturday night show.

On October 30th, Darius will join Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, and a few other stars while they commemorate the special milestone for Opryland’s Nashville radio broadcast.

On September 27th, Grand Ole Opry’s official Twitter page announced the lineup that will also include Chris Young, Connie Smith, Vince Gill, Chris Janson, and The Gatlin Brothers.

“Opry members @garthbrooks, @trishayearwood, @dariusrucker, and @dustinlynch are joining us for the Opry’s 5,000th Saturday Night Grand Ole Opry Show on October 30th!” it wrote. “This is one you won’t want to miss!”