On This Day: Brooks & Dunn Release Iconic #1 Hit ‘Neon Moon’ in 1992

by Clayton Edwards

Today is a pretty special day for Brooks & Dunn and their fans. Today, the duo’s iconic chart-topping country hit “Neon Moon” turns 30 years old. However, it doesn’t seem like the song has lost any popularity over the years. In fact, you’ll still hear it on good country radio stations. If you catch a country cover band at your local bar, they’ll probably play “Neon Moon” before the night’s over. In short, it’s a staple for 90s country fans.

Those of us who feel a little older after realizing that 1992 was 30 years ago love this song. Heck, some of us grew up on it. However, the popularity of “Neon Moon” bridges the generational gap like few other songs can. Last year, the song hit TikTok and the kids ate it up. The Brooks & Dunn classic pulled in over a billion streams in less than two weeks. This is partially because the song found itself connected to a viral dance trend. To celebrate, Kix and Ronnie got in on the craze as well.

@brooksanddunn It’s crazy cool to see all your videos, keep ‘em coming ! #brooksanddunn #sungoesdown #neonmoon #neonmoonremix #countrymusic ♬ Neon Moon – DJ Noiz

The Light of the Neon Moon Shines on Brooks & Dunn

It’s cool to see where “Neon Moon” is today. Knowing that icons like Brooks & Dunn have captivated a new generation of listeners is nice as well. However, the real story is in the impact that “Neon Moon” had on the duo when it hit the airwaves back in 92.

Brooks & Dunn took the country music world by storm when they dropped their debut record Brand New Man in August of 1991. They pulled five singles from that record and four of them went straight to the top of the charts. So, “Neon Moon” was their third single as well as their third number-one single.

However, it was more than just one in a long line of hits. Back in 2019, Brooks & Dunn took to Facebook to talk a little about the importance of “Neon Moon.”

“The night that we won our first big awards. We won to ACMs that night. It was the same week that ‘Neon Moon’ went number one. The next week, our sales doubled…’Neon Moon’ had a lot to do with that surge,” Kix Brooks said of the Ronnie Dunn-penned chart-topper.

‘Neon Moon’ Gets Rebooted

Obviously, Brooks & Dunn dropped the definitive version of the song. However, the version of the song from their 2019 record Reboot is worth checking out. It doesn’t have the same traditional instrumentation as the original, which is a shame. But, Kacey Musgraves takes lead vocals on the updated cut and adds a layer of pain and heartache that just aren’t there when Ronnie Dunn sings it.