On This Day: Carrie Underwood Auditions For ‘American Idol’ in 2004

by Jacklyn Krol

Can you believe that it’s been seventeen years since Carrie Underwood auditioned for American Idol?

On August 8. 2004 country music’s sweetheart headed to St. Louis, Missouri to audition. She impressed the judges with her rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” Her mother Carole attended the audition with her.

“I just think she’s beautiful, and I think she’s got the voice,” said Underwood’s mother. “So I hope she’s going on. But, I don’t know. I have faith in her.” Underwood obviously walked away with a golden ticket to the Hollywood rounds.

Carrie Underwood was just twenty-one years old at the time and told judge Randy Jackson that she was “a little bit” nervous. Before she even sang a note she was able to win over the judges with her personality. She spoke about how she was the quarterback and captain of her local football team. She even revealed that she had a third nipple but it was removed.

Underwood was also able to impersonate a chicken’s cluck. The typically harsh judge Simon Cowell praised it, saying, “God, that was good.” He also was impressed by her singing vocals. The judges were in agreement that she would go far in the competition.

Overall, Carrie Underwood went on to win the fourth season of American Idol on May 25, 2005. To celebrate her victory, she performed a tearful rendition of Rascal Flatts’ “Bless the Broken Road.” She then quickly released her debut album, Some Hearts.

Carrie Underwood’s Nerves

Believe it or not, Carrie Underwood almost didn’t go through with the show.

“I always wanted to be a country music singer, and I had seen Idol,” Carrie recalled to BBC Radio. “But I’m not that kind of person, to be honest. I don’t just go do stuff like that. That was dreaming too big. The stars just lined up in the right way.”

The songstress was talking to her mother and realized that she had a fear. At that point, she had never flown on a plane before. Flying to California from Oklahoma suddenly seemed quite daunting to her. Her biggest cheerleader was able to change her mind.

“And my mom was a big supporter when I was trying to talk myself out of it,” she added. “Like ‘It’s stupid. There’s no way. What are the chances?’” Her mother then offered to drive her all the way to Los Angeles to compete. At the end of the day, she took the plane.

“This has exceeded any and all hopes and dreams and expectations that I ever had,” she said of her success at the time. “Some of it, thinking back, is kind of a blur because there was so much going on all at once.”