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On This Day: Carrie Underwood and NHL Star Mike Fisher Tie the Knot in 2010

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for CMA)

Friends set Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood up at a meet and greet in 2008. Shortly after their brief interaction, Underwood texted her friends that Fisher was “hot, hot, hot.” Fisher told a friend she was more beautiful in person. Now, they have two sons and are celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary on July 10.

They discussed their first meeting during a multi-part series called Mike & Carrie about their marriage and faith. Since they started dating they’ve been one of country music’s most visible couples. Underwood’s career has seen nothing been sky for the past decade. And after Fisher retired from the NHL, he has always been by her side through it all.

The couple have admitted to their struggles, but say that quarantine brought them closer together.

Underwood told Yahoo Entertainment of a loving moment a few months into the lockdown that reminded her why she married him.

“He kind of summed it up one night,” Carrie Underwood recalls. “We were a couple months in and had been very much in quarantine just with each other for a while. He said, ‘You know what? I like you.’ I was like: ‘What does that mean? You like me?’ He was like, ‘I know I love you — we’ve been married ten years this year and have two kids together, but this experience has shown me I like you, too.”

Carrie Underwood Admits To Marriage Struggles

Despite enjoying each other’s company, it hasn’t been easy being a country superstar with a stable marriage. Carrie Underwood and Fisher came clean about some of their struggles over the years. And how their faith saved their marriage.

For instance, Underwood is a vegan. She grew up on a dairy farm and cattle ranch and swore off animal-based products ever since. Fisher is an outdoorsman, who loves to hunt and wants to teach his sons to hunt too.

“Oh, you thought I was going to stop hunting? Oh, I thought she wasn’t going to care,” Fisher recalls saying in the early days of their marriage. “And all of a sudden it’s like ‘Woah.'”

They worked through the issue – Fisher still hunts, he just doesn’t talk about it at home, he joked. But they’ve been able to get through some serious issues in their marriage.

For instance, they suffered several miscarriages. After three, Underwood said she begged God to let them get on with their lives — one way or another.

“I just had an honest conversation with God and I told him how I felt,” Underwood said in the Mike & Carrie series. “I was hurt, a little angry. Of course, you feel guilty for being mad at your creator. And I told him, I needed something; I needed – we needed – to have a baby or not ever. Because I couldn’t keep going down that road anymore.”

She said after her prayer, they learned they were pregnant. They named the baby Isaiah. He’s 6 now. Their second son, Jacob, is 2.