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On This Day: Carrie Underwood Performs for 2,000 Troops on First USO Tour in 2006

by Jacklyn Krol
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Remember when Carrie Underwood joined the USO Tour to perform for our troops?

Everything We Know About the Tour

On December 13, 2006, it was revealed that Underwood joined the USO Tour. Due to safety reasons, the “Hallelujah” singers exact location was not revealed to the public at the time. It was later revealed that she performed for the Contingency Operating Base Speicher in Tikrit, Iraq.

According to reports, Underwood performed original music off of her debut album, Some Hearts, like “Jesus Take The Wheel.” She also performed a cover of Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child of Mine,” which got the crowd to cheer.

“You guys have been so appreciative to us tonight,” Underwood told the crowd while on stage. “But we’re the ones who really appreciate everything you do.”

The troops could not believe that Carrie Underwood came to perform. “It was a good gift for the troops,” Staff Sgt. Doug Kautz, platoon sergeant, Headquarters Troop, TF 1-73 said in an interview. “Once word got out that she was coming, there was excitement all around.”

What Carrie Underwood Had to Say

“It’s been great for us and hopefully great for them,” Underwood told a CW news station. “We’re enjoying ourselves.”

When asked about her experience visiting soldiers in the hospital, she was honored. “It’s just knowing that someone has gone through so much dedication and stuff like that, putting their lives on the line, all of these soldiers do it,” she began. “Especially to see the ones that are in the hospital, it pulls on the old heartstrings. You just really appreciate what they’ve done and what they sacrificed.”

“Everyone has been amazingly nice and amazingly appreciative,” she said of her time on the tour. “Everybody thanks us over and over again which is kind of weird because we get to go home, you know? That’s the bottom line. It’s kind of weird because we’re so appreciative of them. We’re glad we got to come over and see things with our own eyes and be a part of it. Hopefully, we made people feel a little bit better around us this time of year.”

Watch the interview, below.