On This Day: Charlie Daniels Featured on ‘King of the Hill’ Episode in 2000

by Evan Reier

If you’re not a fan of King of the Hill already, maybe learning about this classic episode featuring Charlie Daniels and other country stars could convince you to start the show.

King of the Hill had a knack for both highlighting the best and worst of Texas, southern and American culture. The tales of Hank Hill, his friends and family made for one of the most-successful and hilarious TV adult cartoons in recent memory.

The show is well-known for its cameos as well. Whether its celebrities voicing random characters or showing up just as themselves as Charlie Daniels did, it always made for fun interactions and appearances.

In the Season 4 episode “Peggy’s Fan Fair” that aired on this day in 2000, Daniels showed up. Further, the episode, which features Hank Hill and wife Peggy heading to Nashville for a country music fair, was star-studded with country’s finest.

The Charlie Daniels Band Instagram account honored the anniversary with a post on May 21. The page not only mentions Charlie Daniels’ appearance, but also the rest of the country music scene that appears.

“ON THIS DAY in 2000,” the account wrote. “CD appeared on the @FOXTV animated series, ‘King of the Hill,” for the first time in the episode, “Peggy’s Fan Fair.” Also appearing were @therandytravis@Wynonna@terriclarkmusic@clint_black@brooksanddunn@martinamcbride, & @vincegillofficial.- TeamCDB/BW”

Charlie Daniels and Country Stars Meet the Hills

As is sometimes the case with Peggy, she goes power-crazy while on the trip. Heading to Nashville after getting her unsolicited song lyrics rejected by the likes of Charlie Daniels, Randy Travis and other stars, she’s eager to head to country music’s mecca to try and further her career.

Obviously, that’s not exactly what happens. However, in a hilarious role, Randy Travis plays the bad guy, who steals Peggy’s lyrics for his own song. Hank doesn’t believe her though, as he is out grabbing a beer with Charlie Daniels or interacting with other stars.

Peggy eventually teams up with Dale and the rest of the Hills’ friends, and push Randy Travis’ trailer into a lake. Hank ends up saving him in the end, and Peggy is nearly arrested before all sides take it easy and call it a day.

But in one of the funniest moments in King of the Hill history, Travis then takes the stage and then claims he saved Hank from the lake. Of course, Hank gets mad, but that’s the end of the episode. Classically country, and classically King of the Hill.