On This Day: Faith Hill Goes No. 1 With ‘Piece of My Heart’ in 1994

by Katie Maloney

Twenty-seven years ago, Faith Hill landed her second ever number one hit song with a cover of the iconic hit, “Piece of My Heart.”

There’s something about a song that features a woman who has finally decided that enough is enough. Whether she’s quitting a job, escaping her small-minded hometown, or leaving a partner who took her for granted, it’s so empowering to hear a song about a woman taking control of her destiny.

So, it’s no wonder why Janis Joplin was a music icon and a symbol of female power during the 70s. Her gritty, soulful voice brought life to stories from a woman’s perspective that were often previously masked.

It’s also no surprise that country music icon Faith Hill decided to cover one of Joplin’s most iconic songs. She released a version of “Piece of My Heart” in 1994. Hill had already inspired women with her songs, “Wild One,” and “But I Will.” Both songs are about staying true to yourself no matter what career opportunity, a big move, or relationships comes your way.

So, recording a cover of “Piece of My Heart” fit perfectly on the album. Hill included the cover on her first studio album, Take Me As I Am. And she landed her second ever number one hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart with “Piece of My Heart.”

Faith Hill’s version of “Piece of My Heart”

Aretha Franklin’s Younger Sister Was The First To Record Faith Hill’s ‘Piece of My Heart’

“Piece of My Heart” landed Faith Hill a number one hit song. The song is also the most iconic song in Janis Joplin’s repertoire. However, Joplin wasn’t even the first artist to record the song. In fact, “Piece of My Heart” is connected to a long line of powerful female performers.

The first of which was Aretha Franklin’s younger sister, Erma Franklin. Franklin first recorded the tune in 1967 and landed on the R&B charts. A year later Janis Joplin released her cover and soared to fame. Then Faith Hill released a cover of the song in 1994, followed by Melissa Etheridge who recorded her version of the song in 2005.

In conclusion, there are a lot of badass women backing the song. So, if you’re looking for an anthem during a breakup, turn on “Piece of My Heart.” And receive the support of all the women who felt all the feels generations before you.