On This Day: Faith Hill Releases Her Chart-Topping Album ‘Fireflies’ in 2005

by Katie Maloney

Sixteen years ago, Faith Hill released Fireflies, and the album soared to the top of the charts.

 During its first week, Fireflies sold 329,000 copies, making it the top album on both the Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums chart. However, Faith Hill was no stranger to number-one albums by that time. Her album Breathe, which she released in 1999 was also a chart-topper, as was her 2002 album Cry. So, Fireflies was her third number one album. The coolest part is that Faith Hill didn’t just sing for the album. She also produced the entire record along with producer Byron Gallimore. 

The album produced five singles, “Mississippi Girl“, “Like We Never Loved at All”, “The Lucky One”, “Sunshine and Summertime” and “Stealing Kisses.” Of the five, four of the singles charted within the top ten. Mississippi Girl landed Hill the number one spot on the charts. The other singles charted in the number five, five, and seven spots, respectively. Stealing kisses landed in the 36th spot on the charts.

However, Faith Hill wasn’t the only star on the album. She also enlisted John Rich of Big & Rich to co-write “Mississippi Girl”, “Like We Never Loved at All” and “Sunshine and Summertime.” Additionally, The Warren Brothers co-wrote “The Lucky One.” Brett Warren also sings backing vocals for that song. Even Faith Hill’s husband, Tim McGraw lent his talents. to the album. He sings along with Hill for the song “Like We Never Loved at All.”

Faith Hill’s Career Stated When She Sang At Work

Most people don’t expect to become a famous country music star after singing in the office. But maybe they should. It certainly worked out well for icon Faith Hill. While working as a receptionist at an office, Hill liked to sing. One day, while she was singing, a songwriter in her office overheard her song. The songwriter asked her to record a demo and the rest is country music history.

“It almost sounds like a fairy tale,” said Hill during an interview in 1994. “I was singing around the office one day, and this songwriter was there and overheard me singing. He comes up and said ‘you know, I knew that you had other aspirations besides going to college here and besides being a receptionist around the office. I want you to do a demo for me. I want to see what you sound like.'”

From there, Faith Hill began her career recording demos. She worked with different publishers and songwriters around town before eventually performing live for herself in Nashville. Since then, she’s released seven studio albums and landed 11 number one hits songs. In conclusion, the next time your office hosts a karaoke outing, sing your heart out! You never know who may be listening.