On This Day: George Strait Drops ‘Let’s Fall to Pieces Together’ as Single in 1984

by Katie Maloney

Thirty-seven years ago today, country music legend George Strait released his fifth number one song, “Let’s Fall to Pieces Together.”

With 60 number one hits songs, it may be difficult to keep track of all of George Strait’s chart-topping tunes. Nevertheless, there’s a reason he’s landed in the top spot so many times. And it’s because Strait knows how to make great music. “Let’s Fall to Pieces Together” is a perfect example of this. Not all fans may remember the tune because it was released so early on in Strait’s career. But the song was a hit nonetheless.

The song is about two sad people at a bar finding comfort with each other. During the song Strait sings, “Pardon me, you left your tears on the jukebox. And I’m afraid they got mixed up with mine. I don’t mean to pry, it’s just that I noticed you goin’ out of your mind. It looks like were two of a kind. Let’s fall to pieces together.”

George Strait celebrated the song’s anniversary on Twitter. He shared a link to the song and wrote, “‘Let’s Fall to Pieces Together,’ from the album ‘Right or Wrong,’ was released as a single on this day in 1984.”

What’s The Story Behind George Strait’s ‘Let’s Fall To Pieces Together’?

Songwriters Johnny Russell, Tommy Rocco, and Dickey Lee co-wrote George Strait’s “Let’s Fall to Pieces Together.” During an interview, Russell said that working with Lee was always a challenge because Lee would require rewrites until the song was perfect.

Russell and Rocko were pretty satisfied with the song early on. However, Lee pushed for revisions for the next several days after they started working together. Finally, the three sent the song over to George Jones’s manager. They were hoping he’d agree to record the song. Unfortunately, he rejected the tune.

But the trio didn’t wallow in self-pity. Instead, they decided to pitch the song to Blake Mevis, George Strait’s producer at the time. Mevis also turned down the song. But then fate stepped in. Strait decided to go with a different producer for his new album. He contracted with Ray Baker and the trio decided to try their luck one last time. They pitched “Let’s Fall to Pieces Together” to Baker and he loved it. George Strait recorded the song during the first recording session for his album, “Right or Wrong.” The song was released as a single shortly after and it landed in the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in 1984.