On This Day: George Strait Releases #1 Single ‘Ocean Front Property’ in 1986

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Beth Gwinn/Redferns/Getty Images

George Strait must have a great realtor if he can find ocean front property in Arizona. It’s been 34 years since Strait released his song “Ocean Front Property” in 1986. The tune became the 10th No. 1 hit for the country legend.

Strait had a bonafide hit on his hands. The song featured on Strait’s album of the same name and wowed audiences ever since. That album, which also featured the classic “All My Ex’s Live in Texas,” was also Strait’s first No. 1 album of his career. But among all of Strait’s songs, “Ocean Front Property” is one of Strait’s most endearing.

The country singer knows how to tug at the heartstrings even while being playful. “Ocean Front Property” has some of the most clever lyrics of any country song out there. Strait’s narrator sings of never loving or caring about his significant other. But he tells her if she believes that, he’ll sell her some ocean front property in Arizona. For those that don’t know their geography, Arizona is a land-locked state.

George Strait Saw the Potential in the Tune

The genesis of “Ocean Front Property” occurred in the backroom of a Nashville studio. Dean Dillon, Hank Cochran, and Royce Porter were there to record other songs. But a hangout session between Cochran and Porter created the basis for the tune. They also invited Dillon to work on the song’s second verse and bridge.

It only took about an hour to finish the song. But even they didn’t think the song would sell. They definitely didn’t think it would wind up No.1 on the charts. But Strait has always had a magical quality to his voice, able to weave hit songs almost effortlessly. He turned his gaze to the song and realized its potential.

While on a plane from Texas to Nashville, Strait put his own melody and steel guitar pattern to the tune. Upon release in 1986, the song became Strait’s 10th hit of his career. The singer would add 50 more over the course of his career, for a grand total of 60.

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