On This Day: George Strait Releases Yet Another Classic with ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’ Album in 1993

by Taylor Cunningham

In 1993, country crooner George Strait was already a decade into his illustrious career. The You Look So Good in Love singer had 26 chart-topping singles, 13 albums, and 2 Grammy nods under his belt buckle. And he was showing no signs of slowing down. Then on September 28th, he dropped Easy Come Easy Go, which ended up going down in history.

The album produced four radio singles for Strait. And the title track went on to become another one of the singer’s number one hits. The remaining singles also made a strong show on the Country Billboards. The Man in Love With You peaked at number 5, a cover of George Jones’s 1965 hit Lovebug reached number 8, and I’d Like to Have That One Back went all the way to number 3.

The album made it to number 2 on the country Billboards. Even though it was an instant genre classic, Easy Come Easy Go didn’t manage to overtake the famous Garth Brooks record In Pieces. Brooks’s album reigned as number one for one and a half months (September 18th-October 30th).

And after 18 years, George Strait’s album has aged incredibly well. It is just as loved today as it was the day it was released. And the King of Country commemorated it on his Instagram page today. After putting so much heart and soul into the lyrics, how could he not?

“An album that’s always #easy on the ears,” he wrote. “#EasyComeEasyGo, was released on this day in 1993.”

George Strait Unveils a New Addition Double Barrel Tequila

“I’m talkin’ ’bout Código. I take it with me everywhere I go. Best tequila, baby, don’t you know
A little sip and you’re ready to roll.”

If you didn’t know that George Strait owns a tequila line, it’s time you found out. The county singer runs a company called Código. And it produces a smooth, naturally pink liquor so good that in 1999, Strait penned a song in its honor. The bright hue isn’t a gimmick either. It comes from the company’s signature aging process.

If you’re excited to hear this news, your day is about to get even better. Because recently, Código added a special edition, double-barrel Rosa-Reposado to its lineup. The agave liquor is aged in un-charred French Oak wine barrels for three months. You won’t find a worm at the bottom of this Mexican-made bubbled glass bottle. Instead, you’ll find pure sophistication.

“I was curious to further age our popular Tequila Rosa-Blanco until it graduated into the Reposado category, without charring the barrels first as we normally would for our Reposado,” George Strait said upon the release. “The lack of charred barrel influence allows the agave to shine through. To complete this expression, it is finished in Spanish Sherry casks to add an unmatched sweetness. The flavor was too unique to not bottle it. If you enjoy our Tequila Rosa-Blanco, you will love this Rosa-Reposado, as its finish is even deeper and richer.”