On This Day: George Strait Scores Second #1 Single With ‘A Fire I Can’t Put Out’ in 1983

by Katie Maloney

Thirty-eight years ago, country music legend George Strait landed his second number one hit song.

It didn’t take long for George Strait to land his first number one song after making his debut in 1981. He released his debut single, “Unwound” in 1981. And just one year later he soared to the tops of the charts with the song, “Fool Hearted Memory.” Just one short year after that, Strait landed his second number-one hit song in 1983 with, “A Fire I Can’t Put Out.”

The song is about a man reminiscing about the woman he once loved. Although they have both agreed to part ways, George Strait can’t seem to put out the fire she ignited within him. During the song Strait sings, “I’m finding out how hot an old flame can burn. You’re a feeling I haven’t forgot, the love I can’t unlearn. You’ve become a memory I can’t live without. You’ll always be a fire I can’t put out.”

Strait released the song as the fourth single from his album, “Strait from the Heart.” To promote “A Fire I Can’t Put Out,” George Strait performed the song on the popular country variety show “Hee Haw.” The promotion obviously worked because the song spent 23 weeks on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and peaked in the number one spot.

George Strait’s “A Fire I Can’t Put Out”

George Strait Performed All 60 of His Number One Hit Songs Consecutively During Shows in 2017

Can you name all 60 of George Strait’s number one hit songs? Can you name them consecutively according to the years they were released? If you answered yes to either of those questions, we’re impressed. We’re huge George Strait fans and we can’t even do that. But George Strait certainly can. In fact, he decided to perform every single one of his number one hits over the span of two concerts in 2017. During an interview, he talked about his decision to perform his “2 Nights of Number 1’s” shows.

“If you want to get ‘the full Monty’ you have to come both nights,” said Strait. “This is not a ploy to get people to do that, but there’s just no way I can do 60-plus songs in one night.”

Strait said that the show brought back lots of memories for him and he hoped it did the same for fans.

“This is a special situation, though, and I think the fans will get into it,” said Strait. “I think it will bring back a lot of old memories for them, just like it’s doing for me.