On This Day: Iconic Faith Hill Track ‘This Kiss’ Goes No. 1 on the Charts

by Jon D. B.

Ah, 1998. What a time of “perpetual bliss” in music and America in general. Faith Hill‘s “This Kiss” would dominate the charts that year, catapulting the Country Queen to stratospheric heights.

It’s hard for some of us to believe, but Faith Hill’s biggest 90s hit, “This Kiss,” is now 23-years-old. That’s right, country (and pop) fans, her Faith single released well over two decades ago now. Feel free to wallow in that for a bit.

Before this mega-hit and the album that spawned it, Faith Hill was already two albums deep into her career. Her debut album, Take Me as I Am, hit October of 1993. Two years later, It Matters to Me would become available in August of ’95. Both of these albums would go Platinum several times over for Hill – a feat that Faith would best, even, going 6x Platinum.

This was in large part due to “This Kiss,” which became an instant sensation. The song took 1998 by storm, reaching the No. 1 Billboard spot immediately – then staying there for three consecutive weeks.

Faith Hill as venerable writers Beth Nielsen Chapman, Robin Lerner, and Annie Roboff to thank for her timeless hit. Through this team’s work, Hill shot to the Top 10 in pop, country, and adult contemporary charts.

Pure 90s Gold: Revisit Faith Hill’s ‘This Kiss’ Music Video

It feels impossible for any Outsider to have lived on this planet and not heard “This Kiss” dozens of times. Or maybe this author is just old enough to remember this song dominating everything. Regardless of whether you’ve heard the song – have you watched the music video? If not, then you’re in for more of that Faith Hill “perpetual bliss.”

With vibes only the 1990s could muster, Hill’s “This Kiss” music video features an entirely CGI fantasy setting in which the star rides bumble bees, kisses butterflies, and prances from flower to flower – and looks flawless doing it all. That last part is zero parts CGI, however, and 100% how stunning a human Faith Hill is.

If she looks particularly glowing within, there’s a reason for that, too. Beyond her natural, stunning beauty, that is. While filming the video, Hill was, in fact, pregnant with her second child, Maggie, with her husband – the one and only Tim McGraw.

To this day, the couple continues to perform This Kiss together at their incredible joint concerts. It’s a classic pop-country jam that has absolutely stood the test of time, and one that’s absolutely worth revisiting through said music video below:

Faith Hill’s 1998 hit, This Kiss

Faith Hill