On This Day: Jason Aldean Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut in 2005

by Emily Morgan

Before Jason Aldean became a household name as one of country music’s biggest stars, he was just a Georiga native looking to make it big in the genre. 

After years of working, his hard work as an artist would pay off when, in 2005, Aldean made his first appearance on one of the world’s most prolific stages. On May 13 of that year, Aldean made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry. 

During that day, 16-years-ago, the country singer hadn’t even released his freshman album when he stepped on stage.

A fresh-faced Aldean performed two songs from his upcoming self-titled album: “Hicktown” and “Why.” At the time, Aldean had just released “Hicktown.” The song eventually peaked at No. 10 on Billboard’s “Hot Country Songs” chart. He later released his debut album in July of 2005.

“I’m excited to be able to perform on the same stage that so many artists who I look up to have played on before,” 28-year-old Aldean said at the time. “It’s an honor to have been asked to play on the Grand Ole Opry.”

Jason Aldean Remains Humble About Opry Performance

In the years following, Aldean has made nothing but strides in his country music career. He’s since built a career as one of the most prominent artists in country music. After his Opry debut, he transitioned from small-town venues to some of the world’s biggest arenas and stadiums. Although he’s undeniably reached the pinnacle of country music success, he still likes to perform on more intimate stages.

“It’s still a cool thing to go and do. Anytime you’re up there on that stage and you’re in that circle, you start thinking about everybody that’s been there,” Aldean confessed.

“It’s definitely something that’s still relevant and something I think that’s important for us to keep that tradition going.”

He added, “You never know. At some point that will probably be home to a lot of us, where we’ll be playing there a lot. Hopefully at the end of our careers, later on down the road, there’ll be a few of us over there still carrying the torch.”

Five years later, his album, My Kinda Party, was officially certified quadruple-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. In 2012, his Night Train album was certified double-platinum. Later, his 2005 self-titled debut, 2007’s Relentless, 2009’s Wide Open, and 2014’s Old Boots, New Dirt was also certified platinum. He’s also received four Grammy Award nominations throughout his career.