On This Day: Kenny Chesney Earns First-Ever No. 1 With ‘She’s Got It All’ in 1997

by Keeli Parkey

Twenty-four years ago today (Monday, Aug. 30), Kenny Chesney landed the first of the many No. 1 hits of his career. The country music star did so with the 1997 track, “She’s Got It All.”

According to The Boot, this No. 1 was the first single released off of Chesney’s album, “I Will Stand.” This was the fourth album of his career. “She’s Got It All” came out in May of 1997. It only took a few months for this upbeat love song to climb to the top spot on the Billboard chart.

The song plays with the phrase “She’s Got It All.” In one way, the title refers to a woman who is the ideal woman. In this regard, Kenny Chesney sings: “She’s got every quality / From A all the way to Z / It’s easy to see she’s the perfect girl / She’s got every single thing / That makes up my wildest dreams.”

On the other hand, “She’s Got It All” refers to the fact that the heart – and more – of the song’s protagonist belongs to this ideal woman. So, Chesney sings: “She got it all / My heart, my soul, my wishes / All of my love, my hugs, my kisses / Everything that means anything at all / All of my life I’ve spent a hoping / I could give someone such devotion / Every sweet memory I can recall / She got it all.”

‘She’s Got It All’ Was One of the Earliest Singles Released by Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney scored his first No. 1 with “She’s Got It All” early in his career. Before he released this song in May of 1997, there were already six singles of his out there. One of these – “When I Close My Eyes” – was almost his first No. 1 hit. It climbed all the way to the No. 2 spot, but could never reach the very top spot. “When I Close My Eyes” was released off of Chesney’s “Me and You” album.

“She’s Got It All” was only the beginning of Kenny Chesney’s chart-topping career. The now 53-year-old star has seen dozens of his songs make it to the top of the charts. His list of No. 1 hits includes such songs as “There Goes My Life,” “You Had Me From Hello,” “The Good Stuff,” and “How Forever Feels.”

Releasing chart-topping songs isn’t all Chesney has done in his career. He has reached multi-platinum status and he has sold an impressive 30 million albums since coming onto the country music scene. Chesney is also an award-winning artist. For example, he has won the ACM Entertainer of the Year award on four different occasions.

“She’s Got It All” was the work of Craig Wiseman and Drew Womack. You can listen to Kenny Chesney sing his very first No. 1 song below.