On This Day: Kenny Chesney’s ‘There Goes My Life’ Sits Atop Country Charts in 2003

by Atlanta Northcutt

Kenny Chesney has set atop the country charts many times during his country music career. However, on this day in 2003, he was shining on the country charts’ No.1 spot for his emotional hit song “There Goes My Life.”

The song hit No. 1 on the country charts with “There Goes My Life,” with the song spending an impressive 20 weeks at the top.

Released in October 2003, the song was the third single from Chesney’s record When The Sun Goes Down.

The Kenny Chesney Song Which Touched Hearts

Although the song wasn’t written by Kenny Chesney, he sings it with all of his heart and with a deep passion. The lyrics and performance guarantee fans and listeners to fall in love with the song.

Some fans have even admitted they’ve become emotional upon listening to the track.

“There Goes My Life” was actually written by Wendell Mobley and Neil Thrasher, but Chesney has a special way of making it his own.

“We cried and wrote and sang,” said Thrasher. “There wasn’t any stopping. It was almost like therapy, writing it with someone so close to me.”

The song tells a story about a man’s life, and the most important thing in it.

The Story Behind “There Goes My Life”

Chesney tells a story through his performance.

At a young age, a young couple discovers they’ve accidentally become pregnant. He feels as though his life and future has been destroyed.

“And he said/ There goes my life/ There goes my future, my everything/ Might as well kiss it all goodbye/ There goes my life”

However, everything changes when his daughter is born, and he watches her grow.

“He smiles/ There goes my life/ There goes my future, my everything/ I love you Daddy, good night/ There goes my life”

The story continues from the time his daughter is born throughout her life until finally, she leaves for college.

“And he cried/ There goes my life/ There goes my future, my everything/ I love you, Baby, goodbye”

By the end of the song, the young man has grown and completely changed. His daughter is now his life and the brightest part of it. With lyrics depicting how life goes by quickly and priorities change as we grow, the song is a tear-jerker.

“There goes my life/ Baby goodbye/ Baby goodbye/ There goes my life”