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On This Day: Kris Kristofferson Marries Lisa Meyers in 1983

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Essential Broadcast Media

Country artist Kris Kristofferson is known for songs like “Me and Bobby McGee,” “Sunday Mornin’ Comin,'” and “Help Me Make It Through the Night.”

In addition to being a singer and songwriter, Kristofferson was also an actor. He was in films like “A Star is Born,” “Lone Star,” and “Stagecoach.”

In his career, he had become highly recognizable and was in a similar place as artists like Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash. He has always been known for being able to do it all. From his singing to acting to being a helicopter pilot to even being a golden gloves boxer.

Amongst it all, Kristofferson also always made time for love.

He was married three times during his life. He was married to Fran Beer from 1960 to 1969. Then he married Rita Coolidge from 1973 to 1980. Finally, he married his current wife, Lisa Meyers, in 1983.

The pair has been going strong since.

A Look at Kris Kristofferson and Lisa Meyer’s Relationship

The two have been married for 38 years. Today is their wedding anniversary. They met around the same time that he started the group called The Highwaymen with Cash, Jennings, and Nelson.

During their marriage, the two had five children together. They are Jesse, Jody, Johnny, Blake, and Kelly Marie Kristofferson.

When it comes to vows, the couple really has been together through sickness and health.

According to Wide Open Country, Meyer was always by Kris’ side while he was going through memory problems. First, he was falsely diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Then doctors eventually realized their mistake and diagnosed Kristofferson with Lyme disease.

His health issues also just proved to be a roadblock for Kristofferson. He continued on performing after his diagnosis. His wife has been at his side all along.

“We understand Kris’s deficits in spatial awareness and short-term memory loss and we laugh about it all the time. We laugh at him and with him and we make the best of it because Lyme is so tragic that if you don’t have something to counterbalance the sadness of that, it’ll take you down. The more we can get Kris to laugh, the healthier he is. Being on the road, the laughter, the music. It’s great medicine. And I understand that when you have Lyme disease, your quality of life will vary with each different person. You have to just do the best you can,” Lisa Meyer said to Huffington Post.

Through sickness and health, by teasing and laughing, Kristofferson and his wife have been able to make it through the highs and lows.

Kristofferson’s Eight Kids

Kristofferson and Lisa had five kids together. He also had two kids with his first wife.

According to Classic Country Music, his oldest daughter, Tracy Kristofferson, is an actor and producer who has appeared in “A Place to Grow” and “Trouble in Mind.” Kristofferson also had his son Kris Kristofferson Jr. with his highschool sweetheart.

As for his second wife, the two only had one daughter, Casey. She is also following in her father’s footsteps. She is a recording artist that is a part of the band called Casey Kristofferson Band.

His oldest kid with his current wife is Jesse. She is into acting and has been in “Melrose Place” and “Day of Our Lives.” His second oldest is Jody. He has gone down a completely unique path and is actually a professional wrestler. In the WWE world, he is known as Garrett Dylan.

Johnny is an attorney in California. Kelly, born in 1990, is an actress and singer. The couple’s youngest son was born in 1994 and has a private life, but he did graduate from Pepperdine University.