On This Day: LeAnn Rimes, Trisha Yearwood Receive Grammy Nominations for Same Song in 1998

by Emily Morgan

Leave it to the ladies of country music to be prime examples of what it means to be a class act. Both LeAnn Rimes and Trisha Yearwood were nominated for their work on the same song, “How Do I Live,” at the 1998 Grammy Awards.

While it could’ve been an awkward moment for the female country legends, they quickly turned it into a moment of grace and ease. 

When the awards show announced the nominees on Jan. 6 of that year, precisely 23-years-ago today, it made history. The nomination was the first time two artists were nominated for the same song within a single Grammy category.

In the end, it was Yearwood who graciously accepted the “Best Female Country Vocal Performance” trophy at the annual awards ceremony.

“It was very uncomfortable for me,” Yearwood said after receiving the honor. “The radio stations started having play-offs where they would play both versions and people would call in and vote.”

“I was surprised the record went to No. 1 because of all the obstacles,” she added. “This was probably the most heartfelt No. 1 because we had to work so hard for it.”

The LeAnn Rimes’ Version Almost Made It To Hollywood

Even though Rimes’ version of “How Do I Live” didn’t produce a Grammy win, it still had commercial success. It also went to No. 1, but unlike Yearwood’s version, it was on the AC charts. 

The song’s inception began when Hollywood executives were putting the final touches on the 1997 Nicholas Cage film Con Air.

Diane Warren wrote the song, but the film’s directors needed to find a singer. 

After deliberation, they decided not to include Rimes’ version of the song. Instead, they asked Yearwood about recording her rendition, despite Warren promising it to Rimes. 

After discussion, the director felt that at just 14-years-old, Rimes was just too young.