On This Day: Patsy Cline Makes Final TV Appearance 5 Days Before Her Death in 1963

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Just ten days before her tragic passing, Patsy Cline performed her hit song “I Fall To Pieces” on the Glenn Reeves Show on February 27, 1963. The special aired less than two weeks before her plane crashed on March 5 after returning from a Military benefit concert.

The black and white video shows Cline singing the hauntingly beautiful song while looking directly at the camera. After the song comes to a close, Cline flashes a stunning smile as the audience applauds her performance. 

“I fall to pieces, each time I see you again,” sings Cline. “I fall to pieces, how can I be just your friend?” 

However, no one would know it would be her final televised performance until the fateful night. 

On March 3, 1963, Cline performed one last time when she attended a benefit concert at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas. Other performers that night included George Jones, Cowboy Copas, and many more.

Patsy Cline Stuns Fan With Performance Before Her Final Ride

After her final performance, fans were amazed at her undeniable talent. “My God! She sings like an angel, and she looks like one,” recalled her good friend Dottie West on watching Patsy’s last performance. “She sang the fire out of [‘I Fall To Pieces’] — like it had never been sung. Patsy was really happy that day.”

Cline planned on flying home the next day, but no flights were going in or out of the airport due to foggy skies. As a result, she stayed another night and planned to leave on March 5. 

Just 90 miles away from Nashville, Cline’s fate was sealed when the plane tragically crashed. 

Following the tragedy, Patsy’s reputation has done nothing but skyrocketed. Although she only achieved two number one songs in her career, “I Fall To Pieces” and “She’s Got You,” she also released so many beautiful songs that have stood the test of time. 

At the time of her death, she also had a new single on the country chart. “Leavin’ on Your Mind” made it on the charts a month earlier and would go on to peak at No. 8.