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On This Day: Rascal Flatts Releases #1 Single ‘Banjo’ in 2012

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Premiering on their eighth studio album and released to the airwaves on January 9, 2012, Rascal Flatt’s “Banjo” is the classic country song about getting away from it all.

According to band member, Jay DeMarcus, the song’s meanings is described as, “a sentiment about getting away from it all, getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and sort of breaking out and finding a spot way out in the country and drivin’ and drivin’ and drivin’ until you go so far you start to hear a banjo.”

The Meaning Behind Rascal Flatts’ ‘Banjo’

Written by Tony Martin, Wendell Mobley, and Neil Thrasher, the song came to the band when Thrasher gave Mobley directions to Gary LeVox’s ranch. In an interview with American Songwriter magazine, Mobley recalls the event that would later produce the hit.

“I remember I was driving up my street on my way home and Neil and I were on the phone talking about an upcoming write we had with Gary LeVox at Gary’s ranch to write the song ‘Changed.'”

Mobley had wrritten songs at the backwoods spot before, but as he explains it, he had trouble finding his way out there.

“It’s so far out and so backwoods that every time I go I have to get new directions.”

“The last few roads do not have names, not kidding!” he continued. “Neil hunts out there and actually has property connected to Gary’s so he can do the drive blindfolded. For some reason during this particular refresher course he ended the long drawn out directions with ‘and you go till you hear a banjo’ and we both just broke out laughing and said, ‘Let’s write that!’ We were with Tony Martin the next day and just knocked it all out that day in my studio.”

“Banjo” debuted at No 37 on the “Billboard Hot Country Songs” chart and became the group’s twelfth No. 1 hit.

During the 2012 ACM Awards, Steve Martin joined Rascal Flatts for a performance of “Banjo.”

After Reba McEntire introduced the performance, LeVox began singing.

You can tell Steve Martin, a banjo player himself, is having a great time picking with the trio.