On This Day: Reba McEntire Releases ‘Whoever’s in New England’ Album in 1986

by Thad Mitchell

At the top of the country music food chain is where you will find legendary singer and songwriter Reba McEntire.

With her fiery red hair and dynamic voice, McEntire is one of the most successful country music artists of all time. The now 65-years-old singer has a career spanning longer than four decades and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. The “Queen of Country Music” has sold more than 75 million album worldwide. That number makes her one of the best-selling artist of all time in any music genre.

She has won the Academy of Country Music award for top female vocalist seven times, the second most wins of all time. She was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011. Fellow country music leading lady Dolly Parton did the honors of inducting her into the Hall of Fame. She also won the Country Music Association’s Female Vocalist of the Year four straight years — an accomplishment not yet duplicated.

Since breaking into the country music business in 1975, Reba McEntire has put out 34 studio albums. One of her most popular studio albums, “Whoever’s in New England” was released on this date (February 10) in 1986. The studio album was her tenth country music offering.

Reba McEntire Ascends to Country Music Stardom with Album

The album was a huge success for the singer, launching her into the next level of country music stardom. It was her first album to take the number one overall spot on the Billboard Country Albums Chart. Two singles on the album, “Little Rock” and “Whoever’s in New England” took top billing on Country Airplay charts.

Whoever’s in New England was the lead single from the album and the title track. Reba McEntire says the song is meant to tug at the listener’s heart strings as she sings of heartbreak and the thought of being left behind by a loved one. The song has long been considered one of her “breakthrough” hits and can still be heard on some country music radio stations today.

The hit song also brought forth McEntire’s first-ever music video. The video made it’s first appearance on Country Music Television in 1986 and became quite popular among country music faithful. The song tells of woman who believes her husband is an having an affair while taking “business trips” up north.