On This Day: Tammy Wynette Drops ‘Tammy’s Touch’ Album in 1970

by Emily Morgan

On this day, over 50 years ago, Tammy Wynette released her seventh studio album: Tammy’s Touch. After its release on April 27, 1970, the album peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard “Country Albums chart,” Wynette’s second album to top the chart following her debut album from 1966: Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad. 

The first single off of Tammy’s Touch, “I’ll See Him Through”, also peaked at No. 2 on the same chart. The second single, “He Loves Me All the Way”, would also hit No. 1, becoming her eighth song to top the chart. As her second album she released that year, Wynette quickly cemented herself as a country artist that was here to stay. 

Her first single, “I’ll See Him Through,” was written by Billy Sherrill and Norro Wilson. The song acts as a beautiful ballad about a woman with a rocky marriage determined to make it work. 

Lyrics included: “But I’ll see him through/ For better, for worse, Lord knows it’s true/ ‘Cause I love him, I’ll see him through/ He gave me love when I needed it bad/ He was the only thing on earth that I had/ And that’s the reason that I’ll see him through.”

Tammy Wynette’s Beautiful Ballads About Heartbreak

The second single, “He Loves Me All The Way” was also written by the same songwriters as “I’ll See Him Through,” alongside Carmol Taylor. Like the first single, the song is also about a struggling relationship — something Wynette experienced with George Jones

The song tells the story of a jealous woman who thinks her man is cheating on her— the same theme that “Cold Lonely Feeling” gives off. The song, written by Jerry Chesnut, is also about a married woman who doubts her husband. 

“The Divorce Sale” is another standout track on the album. Wynette uses the metaphor of selling a couple’s unwanted joint possessions to emphasize heartbreak. “Too Far Gone, also recorded by Emmylou Harris’s a few years later, is also another timeless track we got from Wynette.  

In Tammy’s Touch, Wynette does what she does best: beautifully singing stories about heartbreak. With Billy Sherrill behind the production, the album’s music behind the vocals makes it a story rather than simply a telling. With Sherril’s direction and Wynette’s artistry, Tammy’s Touch became one of the songstresses’ most ear-pleasing albums of the ’70s.

That same year, Wynette would also release The First Lady and Christmas with Tammy.