On This Day: Tammy Wynette Records ‘The Wonders You Perform’ in 1970

by Joe Rutland

Country singer Tammy Wynette helped pave the way for today’s stars. In 1970, she recorded her hit song “The Wonders You Perform.”

The song was written by Jerry Chestnut and Wynette recorded the song on Feb. 26, 1970, at Columbia Recording Studio in Nashville. It ended up being a Top 10 hit for Wynette, reaching the No. 5 spot on Billboard’s Hot Country singles chart.

Billy Sherrill, who was Wynette’s longtime producer, helped bring the song together in the studio.

Tammy Wynette Song Paints Picture Of Miracles Of Jesus

Chestnut originally based the gospel-style song on the written miracles of Jesus of Nazareth, emphasizing how they can help a person heal through tough times.

In another tidbit, Chestnut happened to be Wynette’s brother-in-law when his song was recorded by Wynette.

Here are the first couple of verses from the Chestnut song, “The Wonders You Perform.”

“Oh Lord, you know that I’m not one to bother you with little things
And you and I have never been too close
But we’ve always been on speakin’ terms
I’ve watched you with doin’ things
And tried to understand you more than most

No I haven’t gone to church the way I ought to
But I always thought you knew in my own way I worshiped you
While even your own children doubt and fail to understand
The simple way you go about the things you do”

Now sit back and listen to Tammy Wynette sing the song in full.

Wynette’s ‘The Ways to Love a Man’ Released in 1970

Back in January, it marked 51 years since Wynette released her sixth studio album “The Ways to Love a Man.”

The album climbed to No. 3 on Billboard’s Hot Country Albums chart. The title track reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, giving her six chart-topping singles at the time.

When Wynette released this album, she had already taken on the mantle of “First Lady of Country Music.”

Previous releases up to this time had included genre-defining hits like “Stand by Your Man,” among others. She also was married to country music legend George Jones at the time, which did give her career a boost.

Tammy Wynette proved that she could hold her own, though, through the talented singing and songwriting produced by her own voice and hand.