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On This Day: Taylor Swift Becomes Youngest Artist to Win Grammys Album of the Year in 2010

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

Eleven years ago today megastar, Taylor Swift became the youngest performer of any genre to ever win Album of the Year at the Grammy Awards.

Swift was 20-years-old at the time and had just released her album, Fearless. The album featured hits songs including “Love Story,” “You Belong With Me,” and “White Horse.” The Grammy win solidified Swift’s spot as a music superstar. Since then, she’s released eight more studio albums, ten extended plays, three live albums, and two compilation albums. Swift beat performers including Beyonce and Lady Gaga for album of the year at the 52nd Grammy Awards.

Taylor Swift wins Album of the Year at The Grammys in 2010.

Taylor Swift Made Her Co-Producer Cry With Her Song ‘Tolerate It’

Since her Grammy win in 2010, Taylor has accomplished a lot, including releasing two brand new albums during a pandemic. Both albums, Folklore and Evermore, received critical acclaim. However, one of the most stand-out reactions to the album came from her co-producer, Aaron Dessner of The National.

Dessner worked with Swift throughout the album. During an interview, he said that he even cried after listening to the fifth track on the album. Swift is known for putting the most powerful song of her album as the fifth track. “Tolerate It” is the fifth track on Evermore. After the album’s release, Dessner opened up about working with Taylor Swift.

“I remember when I wrote the piano track to ‘Tolerate It.’ Right before I sent it to her, I thought, this song is intense. It’s in 10/8, which is an odd time signature. And I did think for a second, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t send it to her. She won’t be into it,'” Dessner said.

Luckily, Dessner sent her the piano track and the rest is powerful music history. In fact, Dessner said that he was so moved by the final song that he cried while listening to it.

“But I sent it to her. And it conjured a scene in her mind. She wrote this crushingly beautiful song to it and sent it back. I think I cried when I first heard it,” Dessner said.

In conclusion, no one is immune to the effects of a Taylor Swift song.

Taylor Swift’s “Tolerate It”