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On This Day: Tim McGraw Releases ‘Humble and Kind’ in 2016

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage via Getty Images)

Tim McGraw released one of his most well-known songs on this date. “Humble and Kind” not only won awards but also spawned an initiative that was adopted nationwide to be kind to one another.

Tim McGraw won the award for Best Country Song at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards, “Video of the Year” at the 2016 CMT Music Awards, “Song of the Year” at 2016 CMA Awards, and “Country Song of the Year” at 2016 American Music Awards. “Humble and Kind” has been certified platinum. Additionally, it reached the No. 1 spot on the country music charts in the U.S. as well as Canada.

This heartfelt tune is the second single from McGraw’s 14th album, Damn Country Music. “Humble and Kind” is written by Lori McKenna.

Furthermore, Tim McGraw got the idea for the music video while he was running on the treadmill. He saw a promo for Oprah Winfrey’s “Belief” series. After chatting with Oprah and getting her to agree to use some of the video from the documentary, McGraw’s music video features footage from around the world.

More on Tim McGraw’s ‘Humble and Kind’ Hit

Tim McGraw might be able to take the credit for this touching song, but it was Lori McKenna who put pen to paper to create this tune. The songwriter recounts how the song came to life after she took her kids to school one day.

“I was thinking about what we want the kids to know, and honestly how they don’t always listen to the things we say. I just thought, ‘I’m going to write it down,'” McKenna tells The Boot. “Honestly, it’s a very simple song, and it’s really just this list of things that I wanted to make sure we told them, in this rhyme form. I was lucky that the chorus made as much sense as it did. I did write it in that one sitting; it took me a few hours, but it was a lucky day. I sang it in my phone, and I sent it to Tim. I said, ‘I wrote this song. Thought maybe you would want to hear it.'”

Lori McKenna Finds Out Later That McGraw Cut the Song

McKenna says that McGraw didn’t get back to her right away, which was somewhat weird. The songwriter says that typically have great communication between the two artists. However, McKenna did run into Tim McGraw out and he told her the news.

“I saw him somewhere, I think, and he said, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re cutting that song,’ but I didn’t know for a couple months — maybe longer,” McKenna says. “He’s usually a really good communicator; if I send him something, he’ll communicate back really well. I don’t know if I missed it — I don’t know what happened, but it wasn’t for a little while that I found out he cut it.”

The songwriter says that sometimes writing a song is a such a process, but when it works out, the results are amazing.

“I say this to him all the time, but that song is such a little prayer to my kids, and when he heard it and saw it as such a bigger thing … When I saw the video and saw this worldly thing, the way he translated it, it was just unbelievable to me, because it was such a little thing — such a personal, home thing for me,” McKenna says about McGraw’s vision for the song. “But he saw it in such a different way, such a bigger way, that it’s been such a blessing to me, because I feel like we wrote it together, in that way.”

“The vision he had for it, I never would have had. It was him that brought that vision into it.”