On This Day: Toby Keith Releases Chart-Topping Album ‘Big Dog Daddy’ in 2007

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for ACM)

On this day, 14 years ago, Toby Keith released his eleventh studio album, Big Dog Daddy. The record’s first single, “High Maintenance Woman,” peaked at number three on the country charts. 

After its release, the album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. It would go on to sell 204,000 units in its first week. Big Dog Daddy would also become Keith’s third No. 1 on the “Billboard 200” and his fifth album on the “Top Country Albums” chart. 

Not only did Keith sing on the record, but he also produced it. Big Dog Daddy was the first album of Keith’s career that he produced entirely independently. He previously co-produced all but his first two albums. 

Keith released “High Maintenance Woman” in February 2007 as the lead-off single from Big Dog Daddy. After its release, it peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard “Hot Country Songs” chart and No. 67 on the “Hot 100.”

While Toby Keith was technically the sole writer of “High Maintenance Woman,” he gave co-writer’s credit to comedian and singer Tim Wilson and Danny Simpson, primarily because Wilson and Simpson had previously written an unrelated song with a similar background. On Keith’s website, he goes into detail about crafting “High Maintenance Woman:” 

The Story Behind Toby Keith’s ‘High Maintenance Woman’

“I got to the studio and played [“High Maintenance Woman”] for the session guys and they said, “Aw, man. There’s a comedian named Tim Wilson who’s got a skit about that and has a little ditty song that’s kind of the same thing.”… Tim’s a friend of mine, so I called him and told him about my song… I said I wouldn’t even record mine without his blessing, which he gave. And just because I don’t want anyone to ever think I copped his song, we threw him a small share of the writing and put their names on it.”

The song describes a maintenance man attempting trying to garner the attention of a woman who lives in the same apartment, upset that “a high-maintenance woman don’t want no maintenance man.”

Fans also got “Love Me If You Can” from Big Dog Daddy. Written by Chris Wallin and Craig Wiseman, Toby Keith released it in June of 2007 as the second single. It would later become his 34th “Top Ten” single and his 16th Number One on the U.S. Billboard “Hot Country Songs” chart. 

The mid-tempo ballad acts as a way for Keith’s to address the criticism he received after his 2002 pro-war anthem “Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue (The Angry American)” In the song, fans can hear his pride ring through as he sings that he is a “man of [his] convictions” who stands up for his beliefs. 

“Get My Drink On” acted as the third and final single Keith released for Big Dog Daddy. Co-written by Keith, Scotty Emerick, and Dean Dillon, the song describes a man whose love has left him, so he decides to “get [his] drink on.”