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On This Day: Willie Nelson Released ‘A Horse Called Music’ Album in 1989

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images for Shock Ink)

It’s been thirty-two years since country crooner Willie Nelson released the album entitled “A Horse Called Music.” The hit album featured the song “Nothing I Can Do About It Now,” Nelson’s last single to top the charts at number one. The album also included another single entitled “There You Are,” which was released a few weeks later. “There You Are,” was a popular ballad that topped at number eight on the Billboard Country Music Chart. The album was Nelson’s thirty-seventh studio released album.

The title track on the album is a cover of the Wayne Carson song by the same name. In 2012, however, the country music star revisited his 1989 “A Horse Called Music” recording on his 2012 “Heroes” album release.

Remaking a Country Music Hit

In 2012, the country legend decided the track hadn’t received the kind of recognition it deserved during its 1989 release. For the updated recording, Nelson quickly employed the help of another great country legend Merle Haggard. Nelson’s own son, Lukas Nelson, also stepped in to re-record the country ballad.

A song of memories and traveling through the past, the “A Horse Called Music,” did find popularity on Nelson’s 1989 album. However, the 2012 re-recording brought a new life to the emotional country ballad.

Willie Nelson’s 2012 album “Heroes” included the updated version of the Wayne Carson original.

The new track’s additions of Haggard and Lukas Nelson gave the song a new life.

The video follows the narrative of the song. It features Nelson as he finds himself reliving the past while riding through a fictional town.

The article noted that Nelson felt the song didn’t receive the acceptance it deserved, initially. This compelled the country singer to make the updated video over a decade later. The update that came with adding Merle Haggard’s star power to the track seemed a natural progression.

“I asked Merle, ‘Come sing on this,’ and he did,” Nelson said of the 2012 recording of the song. Willie Nelson added that the video’s storyline fell together easily since the song builds a clear narrative. However, noted Nelson, the country crooner had another less symbolic purpose behind the video’s storyline.

“Honestly, I was looking for an excuse to ride my horse,” the country singer said with a laugh.

Willie Nelson’s Star Power Brings Major Guest Appearances

“Heroes” was released on May 15, 2012. Thirteen years and twenty-three albums after Nelson’s original release of the Wayne Carson classic “A Horse Called Music.”

The album found great success featuring a wide range of music. “Heroes” included new music recorded by Willie and Lukas, as well as several big-name guest appearances from artists such as Snoop Dog, Sheryl Crow, Kris Kristofferson, and Jamey Johnson.