Outsider Anthems: Songs About Good Times, Hard Work, Simple Joys, and Good People

by Clayton Edwards

I think we can all agree that music is important. It’s there when times get hard. However, when times are good, music will make them better. Good songs will touch your heart or bring almost-forgotten memories back to the surface. Some will resonate with you so deeply that you’ll feel like the songwriter is telling your story. Those are the kinds of songs that become Outsider Anthems.

All of these songs are different. However, the fact that they speak to our brand and our readers ties them all together. Outsider Anthems are songs about good times, good people, and hard work paying off. But, we know that life isn’t all kittens and rainbows. So, you’ll also find songs about pushing through hard times on our list.

Outsider Anthems: The Complete List

I add a new Outsider Anthem every week. Give or take. If you want to listen to all of them, check out our playlist on Spotify. Below, you’ll find the complete list of Anthems along with how they fit our brand.

“Watering the Weeds” by Jenny Tolman

Jenny Tolman’s “Watering the Weeds” is the perfect fit for the Outsider Anthems collection. This song is all about staying focused on the good things in life and keeping your feet firmly planted on the right path. Check out the full article on the song here.

“Hard Line” by The Infamous Stringdusters

This is one of those songs that feels like it was written to be an anthem for the Outsider brand. Lyrically, it’s about getting past your biases to find common ground with other people. Sonically, it’s a killer progressive bluegrass track. Check out the full breakdown of the song here.

“Bilgewater” by Brown Bird

One of the things that sets Outsiders apart from everyone else is how we deal with hardship. We weather life’s storms and come out the other side stronger. At the same time, we know that if it weren’t for the hard times, the good times wouldn’t feel so good. So, we embrace the trials and tribulations as a chance to grow. That’s why “Bilgewater” is an Outsider Anthem.

“Gettin’ Down on the Mountain” by Corb Lund

This song is like Hank Jr.’s “A Country Boy Can Survive” through the lens of a collapsed society. However, what makes it an Outsider Anthem is that it makes us think hard about our skillset and self-sufficiency. Check out the full article to see the big questions this song forces you to answer.

“Rainy Day” by Mike and the Moonpies

Mike and the Moonpies’ 2021 album One to Grow On is all about how resilient blue-collar workers are. As a result, I could’ve added just about every song on that record to the Outsider Anthems series. However, this song stands out from the rest. It’s about hard work, sure. But, more importantly, it’s about how the knowledge that you’re building something better for your family and the future makes all of those hours on the clock worth it. Check out the full article to learn more about the song and its place on this list.

“Letters on the Marquee” by Vincent Neil Emerson

This track is all about knowing your worth and not taking anything less than you deserve. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, or anything else, sometimes you’ve got to know when to pack it in and go home. That’s a stance that the Outsider crew can get behind.

“If It Don’t Bleed” by James McMurtry

“If It Don’t Bleed” is another one of those that feels like it was written for Outsider. This song is all about accepting other folks for who they are and picking your battles. This is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to find yourself happy and surrounded by the best kind of people. Read the full article to see why it fits so well and learn what inspired James McMurtry to write it.

“Long Hot Summer Day” by Turnpike Troubadours

At Outsider, we’re huge fans of Turnpike Troubadours. At the same time, we know that hard work leads to good things. That’s what this John Hartford-penned tune is all about. Read the original article to see how Turnpike transformed the song and made it their own as well as why it fits the Outsider lifestyle.

“I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal” by Billy Joe Shaver

You can’t have a series of anthems for Outsiders without including Billy Joe Shaver. I can’t say enough about this outlaw poet. “I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal” was a must-add to the list. This song is all about bettering yourself. We believe that every day presents a chance to learn, grow, and be a better human. Read the full article to learn more about the song and why it fits.

“Another Day in the Life” by Cole Chaney

I knew Cole Chaney’s “Another Day in the Life” would be an Outsider Anthem the first time I heard it. This song is all about stopping and enjoying the little things in life. Here at Outsider, we don’t need all the bells and whistles. We know that small sacred moments in the outdoors or conversations with loved ones are the things that really matter. Go check out the full article on this one. But first, call that relative you’ve been meaning to talk to.

“Meet Me at the Creek” by Billy Strings

At Outsider, we’re all about enjoying the great outdoors and building strong communities. “Meet Me at the Creek” hits both of those points. It’s about getting together with some pals down by the water, having a few cold ones, and letting all your blues float away. It sounds like a perfect weekend for an Outsider and that’s why it’s an Anthem. Go read the full article to learn more.

“Old Scarecrow” by Blackberry Smoke

This was the first Outsider Anthem. It really ticks all the boxes and speaks to who we are as a brand on a fundamental level. The lyrics are all about working hard and living your life to the fullest no matter what others might think. Most importantly, it’s about letting those people do their own thing. Learn more about “Old Scarecrow” and how it fits with our brand here.

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