Outsider-Approved New Albums for April 1, 2022

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

The final New Music Friday of March gave us a whole stack of new albums. This week, pickings are a little slim. However, sometimes you have to take quality over quantity and this week is an example of that. There aren’t any iconic names like Dolly or Reba in this week’s list. However, there are a few names that will be familiar to fans of bluegrass and alt-country. At the same time, today is a great day to discover new artists that are making great music.

New Albums for April 1, 2022

  • Maybe This Time – Bobby Duncan (Self-Released)
  • Crooked Tree – Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway (Nonesuch Records)
  • Country Lo-Fi – Jenna Rae (Lost Cowgirl Records)
  • First Generation American – Elliah Heifetz (Legal Smile)
  • Country Coming Down – Paul Cauthen (Velvet Rose Records / Thirty Tigers)

No matter where your weekend goes, one of these new albums will be the perfect soundtrack. However, I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites from today.

First Generation American

Elliah Heifetz is the son of political refugees from the Soviet Union. So, the title of his debut album fitting. The title track and album opener grabbed me immediately. Heifetz blends a handful of traditional American musical styles and creates his own great country sound. More than that, Heifetz writes about his life as the son of immigrants. As a result, it’s the kind of music we’re used to hearing with a refreshingly different perspective behind the pen. This is one of those new albums that I didn’t know I needed in my life until I put it on.

“First Generation American”

Country Lo-Fi

Country Lo-Fi is one of the coolest new albums I’ve heard in a long time. Jenna Rae’s songwriting shines over minimal yet interesting production. Each song is just Jenna, her guitar, and one of a long list of lead instruments. The record features everything from mandolins to synthesizers,

The percussion, though, is made up of samples of different noises. According to Jenna Rae’s website, they recorded lap pats, dog collar jingles, a shaking pill bottle, and a handful of other sounds. Now, usually, I’m the first one to complain about the lack of real instruments in country music. However, this just works so well. The percussion, like the ever-changing lead instruments, fits each song like a glove.

“Whiskey Breath”

Crooked Tree

Crooked Tree was one of the new albums from this month that I just couldn’t wait to hear. After hearing the singles, especially “Dooley’s Farm” I knew it was going to be a mind-blowing record. I wasn’t disappointed. Molly Tuttle’s flatpicking and singing are always a joy to hear no matter who she is with. Molly and Golden Highway work together like a well-oiled machine. If you’re a bluegrass fan, you need to hear this album. It’s beautiful.

“Dooley’s Farm” feat. Billy Strings