Outsider-Approved New Albums for February 4, 2022

by Clayton Edwards

Ol’ Punxsutawney Phil told us we’d be getting six more weeks of cold and wet. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t put some extra heat in your speakers this month. Fight off the cold with these new Outsider-approved albums from the first New Music Friday of February.

I can’t say that the first week in February produced a ton of new albums. However, I’ll take quality over quantity any day of the week. So, you’re not going to hear any complaints here. Heck, you might even find your new favorite record or artist on this list. Let’s dive in.

Dispatch to 16th Ave. – Muscadine Bloodline

If you’re looking to kick your weekend off with a solid country album, Muscadine Bloodline has you covered. Dispatch to 16th Ave. is the perfect new album for this cold February Friday. Check out the title track below. It’s a nod to George Strait and Alan Jackson’s “Murder on Music Row” and a story that takes place every day in Music City. It’ll give you a good idea of what you’re in for.

Fresh Pickles – Chris Castino & Chicken Wire Empire

Chris Castino made his name with his jam band The Big Wu. Chicken Wire Empire is a progressive bluegrass band from Wisconsin. Together, they’re a match made in musical heaven. They teamed up to rework 11 of Castino’s songs into full-blown bluegrass tunes on Fresh Pickles.


February is going to be a great month for Bluegrass fans and this new Chicken Wire Empire album is just the beginning.

Shades of Blue – Kristy Cox

Shades of Blue is another killer new bluegrass album to carry you through February. From the opening notes of the album opener “Appalachian Blue,” you know you’re in for a great ride. Then, Cox’s vocals come in and seal the deal. If you’re a bluegrass fan, you should give this one a listen. Check out the album opener below and you’ll see why.

Diamonds – EmiSunshine

You may have heard of the young East Tennessee native along with her family band The Rain. However, she kicked off February with a brand new solo record. In Diamonds, Emisunshine folds rock, pop, and indie sounds into the more traditional music she plays with her band. However, this isn’t a move to grasp at commercial acclaim. Instead, it sounds like a young artist finding herself musically. Do not sleep on this one.

“No One’s Gonna Change Me”

400 Cigarettes EP – Handsome and the Humbles

Knoxville, Tennessee-based Handsome and the Humbles are a band you might have missed. However, their latest EP is set to put them on the map. It’s a tight 6-song collection that has a little something for everyone. The title track might remind you of Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” with a smooth-as-silk arrangement and a truckload of big bluesy guitar work. Then, there’s “Wyoming” which is a nod to old-school country complete with fingerstyle guitar and plenty of weeping pedal steel. Put this one on after a long week, have a drink, and relax. You’ve earned it.

“400 Cigarettes”