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Outsider-Approved New Albums for March 11, 2022

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Big Machine Label Group )

March is shaping up to be a great month for music. So far, Dolly Parton and Jenny Tolman graced us with killer new albums and The Dead South did a ton of cool covers. That was just the first week. It keeps getting better.

New Albums for March 11, 2022

It’s hard to top a new album from Dolly Parton. However, I think that a new compilation of Hank Sr. tunes will do it. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for this week, though. We’ve got some bluesy rock, a little Outlaw Folk, and some damn good country music. Let’s dig in.

Invisible Pictures – Jeremy Ivey

Most people know Jeremy Ivey as Margo Price’s husband, guitarist, and longtime collaborator. However, this new album sees Ivey stepping out on his own. He co-penned one song, “Keep Me High,” with his wife and her vocals appear on the record’s title track. Other than that, though, this is all Ivey all the time. This record floats somewhere between country, folk, and rock. Jazzy guitar arrangements, big keys, trippy synth lines, and introspective lyrics make Invisible Pictures an interesting listen. 

“Orphan Child”

Superhuman – Ferris & Sylvester

UK-based blues-rock duo Ferris & Sylvester might be new to some listeners, but their debut album will get you hooked. If you’re looking for something slow, sad, and airy there are tracks like “The Darkness I Feel” and “Breadwinner.” However, the title track which is about a rocky yet passionate relationship is a riff-filled toe-tapper. Then, there are tracks like “Flying Visit” that lean into a folky acoustic blues sound. This one has something for everyone and you should definitely check it out.


Greenbroke – Jackson Dean

I first caught wind of Jackson Dean when Yellowstone featured his track “Don’t Come Lookin’” in the latter half of season four. After that, I kept his self-titled EP in heavy rotation. Now, a few months later, he finally dropped his new debut full-length Greenbroke. The record features the tracks from the EP plus five more. Throughout the 10-song collection, Dean pours his soul into a near-seamless combination of rock, blues, and country. In short, it’s a damn good album.

I’m Gonna Sing: The Mother’s Best Gospel Radio Recordings – Hank Williams Sr.

If you need a little bit of the Holy Spirit in your weekend, look no further than this new Hank Sr. album. It contains 40 gospel songs taken from his early-fifties radio show sponsored by Mother’s Best Flour. Even if you’re not religious, it’s hard to beat Hank singing gospel songs. To me, the best part of this album is hearing the legend introduce the tunes and banter with his band before the music starts.

“30 Pieces of Silver”

Four Quarters in Change (EP) – The Last Knife Fighter

If you’ve never listened to The Last Knife Fighter, you’re missing out. This new EP follows two criminally underrated full-length albums and only deepens TLKF’s killer catalog. Ol’ Knife sticks close to his “Outlaw Folk” style on this one with songs about loving, leaving, rambling, and murder for hire.

“Hitman Blues”

Today’s Outsider-Approved Singles

New Music Friday wouldn’t be complete without a couple of great singles to kick off the weekend. This week, we’ve got some real bangers that have us waiting impatiently for new albums.

“Strange” – Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert kicked the weekend off early. Yesterday, she announced a new album and gave us the single “Strange” and it’s incredible. If you want to know more about the single, you can read about it here.

“Russell County Line” – 49 Winchester

This upcoming 49 Winchester record, Fortune Favors the Bold is going to be killer. The new single “Russell County Line” is just plain gorgeous. It’s a love song from a rolling stone to his rock at home and I honestly can’t get enough of it. May 15th can’t get here soon enough.