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Outsider Expanding Further Into Country Music, ‘News Bake Country Music’ to Be Rebranded Outsider

by Hunter Miller


Nashville, Tennessee, February 26, 2021 – Outsider is excited to announce that it is expanding deeper into Country Music and Entertainment through its newly branded “Outsider” channel.

As part of the initiative, Outsider will be rebranding the popular Facebook page, News Bake Country, to “Outsider,” with the purpose of offering its nearly 900k followers a richer overall content experience. That experience will include the latest in Country Music and trending news. Covering everyone from icons like George Strait to current superstars like Carrie Underwood.

The richer content experience also includes entertainment geared towards the heart of America. Entertainment such as classic TV shows like Little House on the Prairie and Gunsmoke. But also, with updates on popular current shows like Yellowstone, Big Sky, and much more.

“We are undergoing an aggressive expansion plan,” said Outsider GM Greg Gough. “Our community of Outsiders includes country music fans, who live and breathe the lyrics they listen to. With this consolidation, we can better deliver the best content to country music fans.”

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