Parker McCollum Calls Miranda Lambert ‘The Dolly Parton’ of His Generation

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

Miranda Lambert is a huge name in country music, but is she the next Dolly Parton? Parker McCollum seems to think so, as he tweeted as such just the other day. Quote tweeting a meme that read, “We’re cancelling each other over music takes today. Post your cancellable music take,” McCollum threw his hat in the ring and replied, “Miranda Lambert is the Dolly Parton of my generation.”

Well, technically, Dolly Parton is still the Dolly Parton of our generation, McCollum. But I see what you’re doing. Miranda Lambert is so incredibly talented, with a discernable voice complete with a delightful Texas drawl, like Dolly’s instantly recognizable Tennessee twang. Her songwriting is a marvel, just like Dolly’s; she tends to take on characters and writes narratively driven lyrics. “Gunpowder and Lead,” anyone? That song lives in my head rent-free.

She was also a marvel with the Pistol Annies. Who remembers “Hell On Heels”? That 2011 song was the soundtrack to my first year of college. Essentially, Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert are so alike yet so different; Dolly played up her dumb blonde persona, while Miranda is more about being a dangerous woman.

Additionally, there’s a huge divide between what men in country music sing about, and what women in country music sing about: men will sing about meeting pretty country girls in bars; women will sing about being completely unhinged and killing their ex-husbands. That’s always the vibe I got from Miranda Lambert, and not just on “Gunpower and Lead.” That’s the persona she’s played up in her music. Dolly was a little more subdued in her time, but she’s still a strong woman I wouldn’t want mad at me.

Parker McCollum Compares Miranda Lambert to Dolly Parton; Plus, Lambert’s New Album

Aside from Parker McCollum comparing her to Dolly Parton, Miranda Lambert has some other exciting things happening in her life. Currently, she has a new album, titled “Palomino,” coming out on April 29. Additionally, she’s starting her tour on April 27.

She recently released the video for her new song “Actin’ Up,” which features many outfit changes and reminds me of her early work, now polished and mature. “Actin’ Up” is everything I hope for from “Palomino”; a strong, carefree anthem about kicking up some dust and being your own person. The song makes me want to go ride a horse in the desert, which I feel like Miranda Lambert would absolutely endorse.

In addition to her tour and new album, starting in September, Miranda Lambert is going to begin her Las Vegas residency, called “Velvet Rodeo.” She’s planning to step out of her comfort zone and break all the rules. It’ll definitely be the show of a lifetime.