Parker McCollum Gets Big Shout Out From Johnny Manziel: ‘Real Recognize Real’

by Jacklyn Krol

Parker McCollum was surprised with an epic shout out from Johnny Manziel.

The “Pretty Heart” singer headlined the legendary Houston Rodeo on Saturday. Firstly, it was a huge crowd filled to the brim with country music fans, including a famous face.

“What a show @ParkerMcCollum congrats brotha!,” Johnny Manziel tweeted. In response, McCollum wrote, “Real recognize real preciate you bro.”

Secondly, performing at the iconic event was a long time coming for him and it meant a great personal deal to Parker McCollum.

“It’s something I was thinking about and really was the main thing I was working towards since I was a kid,” he said. “The biggest thing I ever thought I’d ever be able to do was headline the Houston Rodeo. I thought about it every single day since I was a little kid.”

McCollum has played countless venues over the span of his career, but none the more meaningful.

“I played a lot of really hole-in-the-wall bars, really, sold no tickets at shows, rode around for years in a van, all the while thinking and pushing myself to keep going, hoping that I get to play the Houston Rodeo one day.”

“That’s the pinnacle for me. So, the fact that we’re going to get to do it on March 12th is, I don’t know, it’s just crazy to even be able to say that I’m gonna do it,” he concluded.

Parker McCollum and The 2022 ACM Awards

Finally, Parker McCollum took home the Best New Male Artist award at the 2022 ACM Awards. The competition was steep with fellow nominees including “Fancy Like” singer Walker Hayes, songwriter and artist extraordinaire Ryan Hurd, and Songwriter of the Year, HARDY.

“New Male Artist Of The Year at the ACM Awards last night,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “Thank you to my family, my friends and my team for always believing in me. For always telling me I had what it took to play country music on the big times. Long way to go but headed in the right direction. Love y’all!”

Furthermore, performing at the awards show was also another bucket list moment for him and his career. He performed his first No. 1 single, “Pretty Heart.”

Standing up there and sound-checking is just crazy,” McCollum said. “I honestly do not know what to say[,] it’s the coolest thing I’ve gotten to do.”

He added that seeing his family’s reaction was the highlight for him. “Being on the phone with my parents and telling them even that I’m just going to soundcheck for the ACMs is pretty dang cool,” he concluded.