PHOTO: Dedicated Alan Jackson Fan Tattoos ‘Chattahoochee’ QR Code to His Leg

by Shelby Scott

Alan Jackson released his hit song “Chattahoochee” on May 17, 1993. August 6 of that year saw the single reach the no. 1 spot across country charts. While the song was a hit during its release year, “Chattahoochee” is still an iconic country song to this day. One Alan Jackson fan permanently tattooed his love for and dedication to both artist and song with a QR code on his thigh.

According to the South Coast Register, Jimmy Hefferan, an Australian citizen from Nowra, got the tattoo as a fun and harmless way to lift people’s spirits during the ongoing pandemic. “It’s a bit of a challenging time out there for a lot of people,” Hefferan said, “so I thought I’d get it just for a bit of a laugh.”

The tattoo itself sports the QR code for Jackson’s “Chattahoochee” music video on Youtube. While the original music video is definitely memorable, Youtube also hosts a 10-hour looped version of the song. That version features the country artist water skiing in jeans the entire time. How very Chattahoochee of him.

“I love country music,” Hefferan shared with the outlet, “and I was watching something that showed the most played country song in 1993, the year I was born, which was Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson.” What an iconic country song for a birth year. “I actually have something funny that comes up [with the code] and hopefully it brightens the mood,” the Australian man said.

Alan Jackson is No Stranger to the Meme Scene

“Chattahoochee” is an all-around great hit and apparently worthy enough to have its QR code as a tattoo. However, Alan Jackson is no stranger to the humor with which the song is frequently interpreted. The end of July saw the country icon share the most 90s meme we’ve ever seen. And he did not disappoint.

Jackson’s Twitter account featured the perfect Friday night meme for a weekend kickoff. Feel free to check it out in the hyperlink. However, prepare for a mustachioed and mullet-proud Alan Jackson snapshot from the hit song’s music video. The artist captions the still with, “Get in. We’re heading way down yonder.” He sits on a boat in the river, featuring an iconic tan cowboy hat and a jacket to match.

While the Alan Jackson meme is definitely a showstopper, he’s not the only artist featured in his very own meme. Fellow 90s country star, Travis Tritt, has also fallen prey to a country-themed meme. However, we’ll take all the iconic country music memes we can get. Especially if they feature an equally iconic mullet.

Travit Tritt’s song “It’s a Great Day to be Alive,” reached no. 2 on the Billboard country chart in 2000 and highlights the simple things in life that make each day worth living. The meme pokes fun at the song’s opening line: “I got rice cooking in the microwave.”

It depicts one of the star’s iconic album covers, sporting a denim vest and matching bluejeans, a goatee, and of course, Tritt’s fashionably accurate mullet. Above the photo reads the words, “When you’ve got rice cookin’ in the microwave.” While perhaps the line isn’t as catchy as Jackson’s “Chattahoochee” lyrics in terms of tempo, it definitely makes for a solid meme.