PHOTO: Dolly Parton Is ‘All Smiles’ in This Stunning Throwback

by Shelby Scott

Living legend Dolly Parton could brighten any room, and over on Instagram, the country star is simply all smiles in her latest throwback post. Check it out.

Donning denim on denim, a paisley neckerchief, large sunglasses, and equally large, blonde curls, Dolly Parton’s grin shines out at the viewer. The vintage car upon which we find her leaning speaks to the era of the photo, while the dated clothing ensemble appears absolutely timeless upon the “9 to 5” singer.

Beneath the photo, the artist wrote, “All smiles.”

In the comments, fans shared their adoration for the iconic singer.

“Love it Dolly!!!” wrote one of the country artist’s followers, followed by a heart-eyed emoji. Another shared, “Absolutely GORGEOUS & radiant,” and if that’s not the definition of this particular Dolly Parton throwback photo, then I’m not sure what is.

Outsiders can always depend on Miss Parton to brighten even the sourest of days.

Dolly Parton Bowed Out of Her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nomination

There are more than a few reasons to love Dolly Parton, besides her musical skill. Perhaps as a parent, you adore her for her dedication to the Imagination Library, her program that gifts children across the United States with access to free, high-quality books.

Or perhaps you’re just a good ole fan of Dolly Parton’s music.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg considering Dolly Parton’s earlier feats, however, the iconic country music singer just gave fans yet another reason to adore her. Already holding her place in the Country Music Hall of Fame, Dolly Parton just saw nomination to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But, in an unprecedented move, the country artist bowed out of the honorable nomination. And her reason will truly make you fall in love with her all the more.

In speaking to her decision to bow out of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination she said, she simply felt she hadn’t “earned the right.”

She shared her reasoning behind the decision while appearing on Fox and Friends alongside James Patterson, with whom she wrote the book, Run, Rose, Run.

Dolly Parton further explained regarding her decision to bow out, “I didn’t feel exactly right about [being nominated]. Because my perception, and I think the perception of most of America, I just feel like that’s more for people in rock music.”

While people argued otherwise, believing Dolly would fit right in, the country icon remains steadfast in her position. She added emphasis to her belief with, “It kind of would be like putting AC/DC in the Country Music Hall of Fame. That just felt a little out of place for me.”