Photo Gallery: Miranda Lambert Caps 5 Sold-Out Shows at Billy Bob’s Texas

by Jacklyn Krol

Miranda Lambert is back.

The Texas native performed five sold-out concerts in the span of two back-to-back weekends. Lambert performed at Billy Bob’s Texas, a venue that is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Her shows were part of the venue’s year-long anniversary.

Miranda’s five concerts marked her first shows in more than a year. Her final concert before the COVID-19 pandemic hit was on March 2, 2020, at Denver’s Pepsi Center.

One of the most memorable moments was when Miranda Lambert tearfully sang “The House That Built Me.” While she was having an emotional moment, the sold-out crowd screamed the lyrics back to her.

Nikki Phillips

Despite the state of Texas lifting its health and safety restrictions, Billy Bob’s is operating at 50 percent capacity. The 100,000-square-foot venue can house up to 6,000 ticket-holders. Each of Lambert’s shows had 3,000 attendees.

Miranda Lambert revealed to Rolling Stone that she got the call and “didn’t even think twice.” She admitted that she was nervous since she only played one private show over the past year.

“What better place to get your feet wet a little bit than home. My mom bought 44 tickets just for my family and friends on [opening night], and they’re sitting in the front row. She’s like, ‘If you meltdown, we know the words, don’t worry.’ I can’t think of a better way to jump back in there.”

Spencer Peeples

Miranda Feels the Weight of the Moment

“It finally sank in last night: this is real, we’re in this room and this moment together,” Miranda Lambert excitedly admitted to the crowd.

Lambert told the audience that she believes people will look back on this time in history with “appreciation and gratitude.” She said that everyone will always remember their first shows back. She said the moment was “hungry, ready, imperfect, yet emotionally, I think it’s exactly what we all needed.”

Spencer Peeples

At the end of the day, Miranda Lambert knows it’s all about the live music and fan interactions. Her favorite place will always be a honky tonk in the great state of Texas.

“No matter what I’ve ever done in my career and what I’m still gonna do, somehow I still feel most at home on a barstool under a neon sign,” she said, per CMT. “I walked in here and I took a little tour around, and I just felt so at home. I remembered why I do this and why I missed y’all’s faces so damn much.”