PHOTO: Hank Williams Jr. Shows Off Haul from ‘Secret’ Mississippi Fishing Spot

by Clayton Edwards

Hank Williams Jr. is one of many country music artists who are happy to be on the road again. However, he isn’t just rocking stages and moving along to the next one. In fact, he seems to be enjoying some downtime between shows. In a recent post, Bocephus proves that he still has time to get out on the water and get his line wet. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, though. He told us all about his abilities as an angler back in 1982 with “A Country Boy Can Survive.” However, he’s not running a trotline this time. It looks like he’s out there pulling in the crappie.

Hank Williams Jr. headlined a Fourth of July event in Natchez, Mississippi. After helping thousands of fans celebrate America’s birthday, he took some time for himself. However, don’t ask him where he’s fishing. The spot is a well-kept secret, according to the post. Check out the picture of his catch below.

In the photo, Hank Williams Jr. flashes a proud grin and a thumbs-up while holding a good-sized crappie. It may not be big enough to put on the wall. But, you can bet it would make some good filets. We hope, for Hank’s sake, that the fish brought a few friends with him.

Hank Williams Jr. is an Avid Outdoorsman

Most fans know a few things about Hank Williams Jr. For one, he’s the son of the greatest country singer to ever draw breath. Yes, I will die on that hill. However, he is also an accomplished artist in his own right. He has been cutting records since he was in his teens. Over the years, he developed his style of outlaw country into something that is instantly recognizable. His music might be different than his late father’s, but he did follow in the elder Hank’s footsteps all the way to legend status.

However, when Hank WIlliams Jr. isn’t rocking stages or booking studio time, he likes to be in the outdoors. In fact, he wrote and recorded a song about it back in 2002. “Outdoor Lovin’ Man,” appears on Bocephus’ album The Almeria Club Recordings.

The whole song contains lyrics that we here at Outsider can get behind. However, the latter half of the chorus really drives the point home. “The concrete jungle I don’t want, I’d rather be out in the swamp. / My job’s got me tied up so I dream of where the red fern grow. / This weekend I’ll find where the river bends and the fish jump high. / I’ll be there every time I can. / I’m an outdoor kinda man.”

If you haven’t heard the song give it a listen. It’s got some great banjo work in it and it’s a relatable ode to the great outdoors.